5 Most Dangerous Occupations in the United States

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There are some incredibly dangerous jobs out there for brave Americans. Did you know that over 5,900 Americans died at work in last year? In the same year, there were nearly 3 million injuries or illnesses that occurred at work.

Some jobs and industries are more dangerous than others. However, these jobs are important and someone needs to do it.

Read on to learn about the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Explore 5 hazardous jobs that carry enormous risk of injury, illness, and even death.

1. Construction

Construction jobs are the number one source of workplace fatalities in the United States. One in five workplace deaths occurs in a construction job.

Most deaths are the result of a fall. Workers also die by being stuck between or struck by an object. Also, a significant number of workers die by electrocution.

Many workers fall into this broad construction category. Occupations like roofers and ironworkers are vulnerable to these type of threats.

2. Sailors and Marine Oilers

American workers do not find added safety at sea. Sailors and marine oilers are also vulnerable to death and major injury.

When hearing about this occupation, most people think of ships. However, oil rig injuries also fall under this category.

Oil rig employees are six times more likely to die at work than the average American worker. One of the most common causes of death is drowning.

3. Trucks and Sales Drivers

Many people do not recognize the danger posed to truck drivers. They work long hours and face the risk of driving while tired. Also, they have to deal with drunk and reckless drivers, animals crossing, and other road hazards.

In fact, transportation accidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities across all industries and jobs. In 2022, truck and sales drivers suffered over 900 deaths. This figure does not include the many non-working drivers that are injured when these accidents take place.

4. Logging Industry

It should come as no surprise that the logging industry is dangerous. Here you are cutting down massive trees that are several stories high.

There are natural hazards everywhere including dangerous animals like bears. Workers are using power tools like saws and wood chippers.

These dangerous conditions led to 55 deaths in the previous year. Per 100,000 workers, this equates to a 109.3 fatal injury rate.

5. Fishing Industry

Earlier, we outlined the risk that drowning poses to America oil rig workers. The threat of drowning is also present for workers in the fishing industry.

Fishermen also face the risk of extreme weather while out at sea. For these reasons, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that there are 86 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers.

A Recap of the Most Dangerous Occupations

Some people report to work in the morning with their life on the line. American workers are exposed to vehicle accidents, drowning, and electrocutions every day.

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