How to Get A Job As An Engineer Fast

how to get job as an engineer fast tips getting hired engineering position

Like many jobs in STEM fields, a career in the field of engineering can be both lucrative and fulfilling. Depending on the domain that you focus on, engineers make anywhere from $50,000 a year to upwards of $100,000. Plus, with focuses in medicine, electrical engineering, civil engineering, aviation, biodiesel recycling, and more, there are plenty of ways that your role as an engineer can intersect with your own interests and experiences. 

If you’ve recently graduated with a degree in engineering and are looking to find placement in the workforce quickly, here are a few ways you can speed up your job search. 

Work On Your Resume

Once you’ve graduated, it’s important to update your resume. As someone with a recent degree in engineering, it’s pivotal that you reference the key skills and experiences that differentiate you from the competition. For example, if you got to take on an exciting internship or apprenticeship while you were in school, you’ll definitely want to reference that on your resume. It may even be worth drawing attention to it in your cover letter, just to be certain that the people evaluating your job application see it. If you had a high GPA, were a member of any extracurricular groups, or even served as a teaching assistant to lower-level engineering courses, these are also facts about yourself that should be highlighted on a resume. While you may not have a lot of relevant work experience, being able to showcase where you did apply your knowledge can be a great way to set yourself apart from other recent graduates who may be gunning for similar positions. 


Using your network can be a great way to find a job more quickly. If you have a professor who you really hit it off with in undergrad, it can be worth asking them for a letter of recommendation or to connect you with others who may be able to help you find work. A recent survey of job seekers found that close to 85% of all jobs were filled because of the person’s network. No matter how active or inactive you are in your job search, networking is the key differentiator when it comes to a job seeker’s success. But how can you build your network if most of the people you know are students around your age, or professors who now spend most of their time in academia? One principle to think about is something written about by Ken Coleman in his book, The Proximity Principle. This principle helps you to identify specific people or businesses who can help you as stepping stones to achieving your future goals. 

Use Staffing Agencies To Your Advantage 

Another form of networking comes from working with a staffing agency. Many times, when businesses want to fill a specialized role quickly, they will take advantage of engineering temporary agencies to attract and find high-quality candidates. The benefits of using a staffing agency as a business are twofold. First, if the business has a strong relationship with the agency in question, they know that they will bring them good candidates. This, in a way, is a type of networking, as you’ll need to be properly vetted before an agency agrees to take you on. Second, having a temp agency handle the job search process for a company allows them to allocate their resources in a more productive manner, maximizing their time, energy, and money in other important areas. 

Engineer A New Job Opportunity

While it can be disheartening to try and find a job after weeks of rejection, if you have the right strategy you’ll be able to keep your head up and find success. By highlighting what’s unique about you as a candidate, leveraging your network, and branching out into using staffing agencies to give yourself a little more clout, you’ll be well on your way to finding an engineering job quickly.

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