Guide To Commercial Roofing In El Paso

guide to commercial roofing professional roofer service

If you’re in El Paso, TX, you already know that sometimes when it rains, it pours. At the same time, when it’s not raining, you may suffer from strong tornadoes, and even sand or dust storms. At the same time, you have strenuous heat, and even some stray snow storms that can damage your roof. When this happens, you’ll need to hire a roofer, but what do you need to look for in a professional roofing company? That’s where we’re coming to help by offering this roofer guide. 

Questions You Should Ask 

What’s important is that you first off need to meet your roofer firsthand. The best roofers often do offer to talk to you on the phone if need be, and can even give you a free estimate. However, for the best options available, you’ll want to also meet them in person after the initial estimate. When you do, be sure that you ask if they’re licensed and insured (at least with liability and workman’s compensation). This will ensure that the job will get done properly. 

You also need to ask them if they’ll be removing the old roof, or if you’re just having your roof maintained, you want to ensure they’re removing the bad parts they’re repairing rather than just stacking on top of it. Make sure they’ll put edge metal if possible, and you want make sure they do a full cleanup. The best roofers offer a full cleanup. 

What About Sub Contractors And Their Experience? 

You need to know who’s doing the work on your roof, and you don’t want to have someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing if they’re tagging along. If your roofer is training someone with them in the business for whatever reason, you want to ensure that your roofer has years of experience and is a truly seasoned pro. 

One way to go about doing this is to go online, check reviews, ask the contractor for references (about three to four past clients), but go one step further to ask for about two of the most recent clients that the roofer had as well. If they’re not willing to give you both of them, then you may find yourself in a hard place and need to consider looking elsewhere. Most of the best roofing companies have no problem with this, and will answer any questions that you ask of them. 

What If The Roofing Company Is Newer? 

Of course, don’t underestimate the “little guy” in the roofing business either. This is something to consider if someone’s somewhat new to the trade and just building clients. Keep in mind that quality of roof work is what’s important, not always having 30 years as a roofer behind their belt. 

Raise The Roof 

When you’re looking for a professional roofing company in Texas, you want to make sure that they meet all the requirements that we’ve listed above. If they don’t, just be certain to get as much information as possible and then shop around. 

However, if you’re looking for the best roofer company in all of El Paso’s vast area to get your roof redone, or even just repaired, you can count on the team at to get the job done. They have years of experience and even handle emergency repair locally so you don’t have to hire external or out of state contractors to get your roof fixed. Their service is also backed by a service guarantee for your satisfaction before the job is considered finished!

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