Why You Need the Best Data Visualization You Can Afford

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Did you know that big data analytics adoption is currently at an all-time high?

That's right — more than 90% of enterprises now use or plan to use big data.

If you're one of the many business owners hoping to increase their sales using data, then you need to learn about data visualization.

Having spreadsheets full of important data is one thing — actually turning that data into something that you can understand and use is another. That's where data visualization comes in.

Data visualization is an essential tool that helps you to get more out of the information you already have.

Want to know exactly why you should invest in the best data visualization tools money can buy?

Keep reading for all the details on data viz.

Makes It Easy for Anyone to Understand Important Data

Want to show important to data to someone on the marketing team? Your social media intern? Your new website developer?

Not everyone is able to understand complex figures when they're in the form of long documents or spreadsheets.

However, with data visualization, you can turn key data points into clear, user-friendly charts and graphs that are easy for anybody to understand. This means that every single member of your team can make data-driven decisions.

Well-presented data can also be shown to stakeholders, which can help to secure or boost investment.

Allows You to Identify Areas That Need Improvement

Looking at rows and rows of numbers won't give you many clues about where you need to improve.

But what about looking at that same data in a neat graph or line chart instead?

You'll clearly see areas where sales drop, engagement levels out, or customers stop visiting your website. Looking at the factors that could've influenced these changes makes it easy to solve them going forward.

For example, you might notice that sales dip after Christmas because you don't put on a January sale. Or you might see that Instagram ads don't do well on weekdays.

Options like the apache reporting tool allow you to transform, visualize and analyze data all in one, making it easy to find out what you need to change.

Data visualization holds the answer to problems you don't even know exist yet.

Helps Clarify What Influences Customer Behavior

Confused about why your customers behave the way they do? With data visualization, you can figure out exactly what's influencing their behavior and what you can do to improve your strategy.

It's too easy to rely on guesswork when it comes to analyzing customer behavior when you should be looking at the hard facts.

For example, you might believe that customers stop buying from you when you send them too many emails. Looking at the data more closely might reveal a different trend, like a drop in sales when you send emails about certain controversial products.

Try to let your old assumptions about consumer behavior go, and be ready to form new ones using the power of big data.

Shows You Where You're Doing Well

Data visualization isn't all about focusing on the negatives. It's also an excellent way to identify where you're currently doing well, which will help with resource allocation going forward.

That Snapchat advertising campaign you weren't sure was worth it?

Maybe it sent your sales to millennials through the roof without you even noticing.

The special offer code you offered on Valentine's Day then forgot about?

Perhaps it helped increase brand loyalty more than any other promotion.

Finding out where you're doing well is great for team morale, allows you to reward the right people, and ensures that you don't miss any future opportunities for growth.

It's also great to show positive data to investors and stakeholders who want proof that your business is thriving. You could even share data on platforms like LinkedIn as a way to connect with other business owners.

Helps You to Identify Emerging Trends

It's impossible to manually track every new trend, but data visualization makes spotting patterns easy.

For example, you might have a product that's traditionally been quite average suddenly sell way more units each month. Once you've noticed this, you can look into the reasons behind it.

Perhaps a top celeb was spotted using the product, or maybe it was featured in a popular TV show.

Once you're aware of the trend, you can take steps like increasing your stock, running special promotions or highlighting the product on your website and social media pages.

Many trends simply wouldn't be spotted without proper data visualization in place.

Allows You to Predict Future Sales Volume

Are you consistently under or over-purchasing certain products?

It's easy to make this mistake if you're not assessing your current data properly. With good visualization tools, you'll be able to do the sums and correctly calculate your future sales volume.

This makes ordering the right amount of stock simple, improving your bottom line and your relationship with suppliers.

Good business planning relies on good use of data, so don't bury your head in the sand.

Communicates Your Brand Story Clearly

Do you have a compelling brand story? Have you experienced massive growth over the last few months or years?

Nobody wants to sit through a brand presentation that feels like a math class, but everybody loves a good, clear diagram.

Data visualization allows you to make strong points about your business growth and long-term goals, without the mind-numbing statistics and calculations.

Just a few effective diagrams really do speak a thousand words about your brand.

How to Find the Best Data Visualization Tools

To find the best data visualization tools for your business, you need to be clear about exactly what you want them to do.

Take some time to analyze the data you currently hold, think about how you'd like to view it, and decide what you want to use the visualizations for.

Don't be afraid to compare tools and shop around until you find the one that works for your data science needs.

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