UCaaS vs. VoIP: Which One is Best for Business?

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Are you a business owner? Are you aiming to achieve the best out of communication within and outside the organization? Do you have needs and desires that your current communication system cannot provide for? Well, these are concerns for many businesses.

There is a debate on which business voice communication model is most suitable. Should you go for Unified-Communications-as-a-Service in short UCaaS? Or should you opt for Voice over Internet Protocol? The answer to this question lies with your preferences.

Both channels have their own specifications. With some vendors offering VoIP, there has been confusion over whether UCaaS is the better solution. Read more about UCaaS vs. VoIP to make an informed choice.

Communication with Video or Without?

Different organizations have different preferences. Some companies prefer having their communication all-inclusive of voice and video. Others see no need for the video. For the latter, video communication is not a necessity.

A widely known fact in business is that trust is mandatory. Studies show that people find it easier to trust one another when the communications between the parties involve videos.

In short, communication using both video and voice comes out as more credible than that which solely occurs by voice without the video. With video or without video is one of the key differences between Unified-Communications-as-a-Service in and Voice over Internet Protocol.

If your business values proper communication, has little room for misunderstandings, then having video call incorporated in communication is a necessity. There you have it.

Indifferent about whether to settle for UCaaS or VoIP? Worry no more. All you have to do is ask yourself, how much of a necessity is video communication? By simply doing so, you’ll have made up your mind on the desired channel.

Does Flexibility of Communication Form a Criteria for Your Choice of Channel?

The modern organization strives towards ensuring that they capture diversity in its employees as much as possible. The aim of such an act is to ensure coexistence, harmony, and inclusivity.

Different people have different preferences in general. In regards to communication, this general fact doesn’t change. Some people may prefer communicating via chats, others through emails, others through voice call while the remaining may prefer video calls.

This doesn’t mean that one mode of communication is superior to the other. It only means that different people have different modes of communication that they are comfortable in using.

Is your organization full of people with different backgrounds? Settling for the Unified-Communications-as-a-Service rather than the Voice over Internet Protocol would be a better choice for you. Adopting the UCaaS offers the flexibility of choice of the channel of communication as it contains all services in one.

In contrast, VoIP only promises voice calls while neglecting the rest of the channels. In case you are a fan of flexibility, you already have your answer on which channels between the two that you need to adopt.

It is crucial to acknowledge the fact that both UCaaS and VoIP have different extents of flexibility. VoIP makes it easy to add or subtract the number of phone lines. UCaaS, on the other hand, offers all the necessary service provided that your business partners with vendors. Don’t wait any longer.

The clock keeps ticking, so should you. Make a selection that better enhances the operations of your business.

Is Integration of Office Practices a Necessity in Your Business?

Businesses have many processes within them. Some of such processes include internal and external communications, sharing of documents and coming up with plans for execution of tasks. It is a possibility to run all these processes individually and independent of each other. It is also possible to have all these functions as one.

What this means is that it’s possible to have a platform that is all in one. Through using Unified Communications in Hamilton, all these necessary processes can easily collaborate into a single platform. With such high levels of collaboration, project management and task management cannot get any easier.

Using UCaaS together with other tools make it easy for employees to operate with high levels of coordination. Such levels of coordination and collaboration are not a possibility when it comes to using VoIP.

In case your business requires the limitless coordination of processes, using is probably the best option. When there is no need for collaboration and integration of tasks, GetVoIP is a perfect choice. 

Why sit back and debate on UCaaS vs VoIP with such a factor in light. Make a choice that better suits the nature of your business.

Is Security a Priority for Your Business?

Many businesses all over the world deal with sensitive information. Information that is better off in the hands of the right people. Other businesses operate in market spaces with high levels of competition.

In such a competitive environment, businesses cannot afford to risk the leaking of sensitive business data. Making the choice between UCaaS and VoIP greatly involves deciding how much of a concern the security of information is.

Through the use of UCaaS, organizations have the opportunity to develop single vendor relationships. These vendors assume the responsibility of carrying out maintenance on the communication systems and finding the causes of the problems when they arise.

Does your business desire a central troubleshooting vendor as well as a vendor charged with maintenance? UCaaS is the answer for you. In case your business does not value the unity of security providers and troubleshooting providers, then VoIP is the better option for you. Go on, analyze your business’ needs and establish what mode of communication best suits the business.

Which Is Better Between UCaaS and VoIP?

The differences noted above are a clear distinction between UCaaS and VoIP. They make it easy for business owners to understand what each channel has to offer for their businesses. The clear differences between the two models make it easy to determine the compatibility of each model to the business set up. UCaaS appears to the better of the two due to its all in one nature.

Read more on our blog about the UCaaS vs VoIP debate. Visit the Tech section of our business blog right now for further technology, privacy, and telecommunications tips!

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