Jobs To Consider In Later Life

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The USA has an abundance of senior citizens living across the country at present, particularly if the population estimates from the new U.S. Census Bureau is anything to go by. Their figures explain that the population aged 65 and over throughout the nation grew from 35 million in 2000 to nearly 50 million in 2022. The latter statistic means that these residents now make up around 15.2% of the USA’s overall population. 

With many elderly citizens across the US either getting ready for or already experiencing their retirement, Stairlifts Akron has advised on some of the job roles which perfectly cater for the elderly. 

Train Up In Customer Service 

Are you skilled in communicating over the phone or online using chat software? Are you also adept at using a computer? Then a customer service representative could be just the role you’re looking for in your elderly years. 

So, what’s involved in this job? The role may see you answering questions related to billing, taking reservations for a company or troubleshooting any issues. What’s more, you’ll spend the majority of your time in the job sitting down — perfect if you have low mobility. Don’t be surprised if you have the chance to work from home in this role either, making the job even more accessible. 

Become A Consultant 

A career in consulting is ideal if you’re in your retirement years but managed to study for advanced degrees and gained specialized experience in your field while employed. 

This role should prove especially appealing if you loved your job and the industry you were working in before you retired. This is because being a consultant allows you to make great use of your expertise, network and years of experience. From accounting to bookkeeping, and engineering to website development, these are all skills which can work in your favor as a consultant. It’s also an opportunity that’s available to so many people. 

Return To The Education Sector 

As an elderly citizen, you have many opportunities to get involved in the world of education once more. Your services could prove useful to all types of schools, for instance, as everywhere from preschools to elementary establishments and private schools are regularly looking to hire people as: 

• Administrative workers 
• Bus drivers & bus monitors 
• Crossing guards 
• Help in the cafeteria 
• Librarians 
• Teacher’s assistants 
• Tutors 

Colleges and universities are regularly on the lookout for adjunct professors too. This role will see you teaching students about your area of expertise. Online programs are available by many higher education establishments now too, which eases the pressure a little by allowing senior citizens to teach from the comfort of their own home. 

Keeping the focus on colleges and universities, many of these establishments are often seeking department office assistants, librarians, student advisors and tutors. There’s even the possibility to branch out on your own and teach an ongoing education class at a senior center, a local community college or via an adult education program. 

Try Your Hand As A Sports Coach 

If you would like to pass on your wisdom to others and are passionate about a sport, there’s also the opportunity to become a sports coach in your elderly years. 

Of course, being a coach will see you pocket some extra money. However, coaching is also great for senior citizens as it means they can remain active and the pursuit will provide them with the opportunity to work outdoors. 

Please take note that no matter which job role you opt for — regardless if it’s a job we’ve covered above or another role that you have ambitions to fill — working in retirement gives you the opportunity to work on your own terms. On top of this, a lot of companies will appreciate the unmatched experience that older workers boast.

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