How To Set Smart SEO Goals For Your Team

how to set smart seo goals team search engine optimization campaign

SEO is something without which we cannot operate on this wide world of internet. But the real question is: after all the luxuries that the internet has provided us with, can we operate without it? I think not. That is why Spectrum Communications is providing the best speeds you can get right now. Spectrum bundles are the most economical that you can ever get your hands on. 

In order to rank higher in search engines, you have to have a strong SEO strategy. A strong SEO strategy is your first step toward internet popularity and credibility. 

Devising a proper strategy and setting smart goals for the SEO campaign is a big challenge. I’ve come across many folks that don’t have any basic idea how to get their SEO goals right. But with this article, you’ll find definite angles through which you can pinpoint your goals. 

If you want to rank higher in search engines, an SEO strategy should be formed with complete and thorough thought. It can make and break your reputation. 

Let's discuss a few key points that should be considered while setting the SEO goals for your project so that you can come up with smart goals. 

Start With Your Company’s Goals 

In order to design an SEO campaign, always keep in the mind the ultimate goal and agenda of your company, because it will lead you towards the criticalities you need to consider before forming a campaign. And it will give you a fair idea about the target market and audience. 

Marketing Goals 

Measure what is the need for your marketing. If you’re a newbie or an established brand, marketing should be your next step. Even an established brand needs unique strategies for its marketing. So the marketing goals should be tied to the company’s agenda. It should directly reflect the goals of the company. 

SEO Goals 

SEO has a very broad scope, and targeting the right keyword could get you the traffic you need. 

Specific Measurement Metrics 

There are several measurement metrics that you have to set in order to monitor the SEO campaign’s outcome. Let’s discuss a few measurable metrics: 


Rankings can be measured globally, nationally, and locally. 

Measure The Organic Search Visits

Organic search visits are the raw traffic obtained from the organic search. The measurement of organic visits can be measured through a certain parameter. 

Organic Search Traffic Could Be Separated Into Branded Search And Non-Branded Search: 

It is easier said than done. Separating the branded searches from the non-branded searches is a difficult task. But we have to imply an inferred model that certain pages are likely to receive branded search traffic and certain are to receive non-branded search traffic. For example, a home page of most brands is more likely to receive branded search traffic, whereas a resource page will receive non-branded traffic. 

Tracking your rankings is EXTREMELY important. That is how you know either you’re getting branded queries or non-branded queries. 

SERP Ownership

Setting smart goals doesn’t mean that you will get great results. You have to keep track of your SEO campaign to make sure it’s working. There might be things that you may consider useless. The success and failure of a SEO campaign can directly be measured with your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP). 

Search Volume

Why do you want to make your brand visible? Why are brands putting hundreds of dollars into making their brand prominent? All of this just to gain a load of traffic, which leads to potential customers. You can see the trend through Google Trends, Google Adwords Campaign, or through Moz’s keyword explorer. 

Links And Link Metrics 

Links and link metrics are basically to look at the growth or shrinkage of links over the course of time. You could measure it with things like: 

● Through the number of linking root domains. 
● The total number of links. 
● Through authority or spam metrics. 
● How the links are being distributed. 

Referral Traffic

Referral links are extremely important for SEO campaigns that are specially designed to focus on links or improve rankings. These links are going to send referral traffic, so you better watch the referral traffic.

SEO Like A Pro

A plan could always go sideways. The main thing after setting the SEO campaign goal is keeping track of every movement and every lead you generate. We always choose the best strategy for ourselves, but we miss a few key points that could have made that strategy a great success. All those metrics and key points are discussed so that you get the awareness about the importance of these metrics. 

Author Saira A is a content strategist and has a keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience and write information based content which adds value. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in digital marketing.

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