What Your Blog Content Should Include

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Your blog is a big part of your website and it is literally the sole driver of a lot of businesses sales and conversions

Most blogs are poor in information-rich content and layout which is a big turn-off for your potential customer, Google and you! 

We have some good news for you though - turning your blog into a success is far easier than these guru’s espouse on their own blogs. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about what you can include to get your blog up and running + make it a success! 

Who, What, Where, When, Why And How 

Whenever you’re writing a blog, you will want to address Who, What, Where, When, Why or How. 


Because people want to know: 

1. Your reasoning (why) 
2. Who it is intended for (who) 
3. The topic you’re going to be talking about (what) 
4. Location or origin (where) 
5. A timeline they can keep track of (when) 
6. Actionable advice they can implement straight away (how). 

The above is just an example of what a clear content outline consists of, ultimately, the key to successful blog content is not only to answer the title of your post but also to answer any questions a reader may have as they are reading along. 


There is not much worse when it comes to blog content than a messy layout. 

The writer has provided an abundance of useful and entertaining information but they type out their content in a way that isn’t enticing or encouraging to the reader to read. 

How do you layout your content to encourage reading? 


A simple way to spread out your text is to use sub-headings if you need to go into more detail with a point or if you find your text building up too much. 

The use of H1, H2 and H3 headings will help with this and allow you to layout your blog post in a way that allows your reader to get straight to the good parts because after-all, most people just skim-read. 

Images And Video 

Blog posts that have images get 94% more views than those without! 

That’s a huge amount and shouldn’t be taken lightly because you can literally make your blog post become a success by just including a couple of stock photos. 

Original photos will probably work better but don’t skimp on images just because you don’t have any. 

Better yet, if you have someone who can make great videos or you have the budget to include videos into your content then that’s great as it can really aid the users’ experience. 

A Headline That Disrupts Your Potential Reader 

You’ll be lucky nowadays to get people to read your blog post no matter how much you promote it if it doesn’t have a strong headline. 


There’s just way too much information out there and as a marketing agency, we know all too well, so, you need to write out a headline that completely disrupts your reader and STOPS them in their tracks when they’re scrolling mindlessly on their computer or more likely, their phone. 

What are some examples that comprise a good headline? 

- It needs to pique people’s curiosity 
- It needs to evoke strong emotions such as anger or fear 
- It needs to ask a question that the reader has been asking themselves 

Those 3 examples above are just the tip of the iceberg but if you can find a way to fit one of those in your business content article headline, you’ll be picking up readers left, right and centre. 

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