14 Trade Show Backdrop Ideas To Boost Your Booth

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The right trade show backdrop can set your booth apart and bring in new customers on its own. Find out how to make an engaging trade show booth backdrop in this article.

Here is a list of 14 top trade show backdrop ideas to entice new customers at your next expo event:

1. Having a Living Wall 

A living wall comprises fresh fruits, plants or foliage that tends to bring the exhibit floor to life. This type of trade show booth design has the ability to bring a simple trade show booth to life. 

This trade show booth idea can transform your entire booth by introducing an array of textures and colors. This can result in a vibrant look. Since most of these walls are DIY, they can be very economical in terms of finances and space. 

2. Pallet Repurposing 

This is considered a more flexible yet inexpensive option to try out. Most people who use this type of trade show display idea do it by themselves. This type of vendor booth is usually more diverse and unique. Pallets have been used more intensely in furniture. 

However, recently, many trades show booth ideas have embraced it. It has been described as a unique yet rustic trade show display idea. It can be used to display signage, products, or even artwork. For visitors, it is a more relaxed way of doing things. 

They can be adjusted to accommodate a large number of people. The liveliness brought by the colors encourages guests to feel at home while staying focused on the main agenda.

3. A Dynamic Form of Seating

Nothing keeps attendees interested like a comfortable, neat seating. A trade show that comprises savvy attendees will always include snacks, discounted or free giveaways, and seating. Comfortable seating makes your trade show worthy for so many reasons. 

For example, comfortable attendees make sure that they receive whatever message you intend to pass intensely. A relaxed and comfortable seating ensures a receptive audience. An irritated and tired audience makes the hearing illusive. 

A comfortable and relaxed audience makes sure that they are in positions to take personal photos. These photos can work positively towards your trade show is they reach the right audience. 

A comfortable and relaxed audience also makes sure that the attendees stay longer at your trade show. This means that you can share as much information as you feel.

4. Visual Marketing

Marketing is by far the most important aspect of any business. This means, therefore, even in your trade show, find a booth design that has visuals that call for attention. Come up with visuals that market your event without much wording. 

Create visuals that are clear and simple to understand. You can incorporate your brand's theme colors and message in your visuals. Make the visuals bright and luring. Even though you will incorporate your brand image and message, make sure you chose what your customers will be attracted to.

5. A Wall of Repeating Products 

Many marketing experts emphasize on repetition as the real deal sealer when it comes to selling of products. Emphasizing your product to your customer acts as a deal sealer. To your trade show booth, display your products in a bountiful way.

 Lining your products to display all the beautiful products you have to offer will gravitate the attendees towards the booth. Make sure the products are arranged in such a way that it is neat and vary. They can vary in colors or flavor. 

Make sure they are the most interacting and engaging products. Leave your customers a wide range of options to choose from. 

6. Overhead Hangings 

Overhead hangings are advisable for trade shows where there is a need to maximize space. It is important to make sure that attendees are comfortable and relaxed. This means that you can use overhead hangings to maximize space. 

Vertical hangings can make your booth appear bigger. Vertical hangings can also draw attention from a distance, which comes as an advantage in crowded shows. And trade show booth rentals can be made to suit your needs for limited budgets.

7. Photo Op Walls 

Will the rise of social media, came to the rise of a photogenic generation. Even if your attendees aren't photogenic, don't underestimate the importance of photos as marketing tools. It is important, therefore, in your trade show display ideas to include one that incorporates photos. 

All you need is a bold image that speaks for your company. The image should be branded to make sure your company receives the exposure. Photo op walls are important for sharing photos of friends. As an added advantage, investors use this image to benefit from the exposure.

8. An Enclosed Booth Design

Many people would prefer an open trade show booth design because of congestion and air circulation. However, an enclosed booth design can be a thing when choosing your trade show display ideas. An enclosed trade show booth protects you and your audience against the bustle and noises that come along with trade shows.

 An enclosed booth design tends to capture the attention of attendees by enhancing their curiosity. Attendees will have a one on one immersive experience of the trade show as it reduces distraction. It makes the experience more private, intimate, and personal.  

9. Pop-up Tent

Inflatable pop up tents have been advised. These types of tents create an intimate experience. Since it enhances curiosity, it tends to be very inviting. The inflatable pop up tent is about an intimate, personalized environment filled with amazement.

 You can include some of your team members outside the tent to drive interest. The curiosity created will increase participants and attendees. Do not lie to them or give fake promises. Just be straight with what you are offering and to what extent you can deliver.

10. Long Lines And Panels 

Including long lines and panels will create a trade show booth design that is eye-catching and demands attention. A booth design that incorporates long lines and panels tends to be beautiful and dynamic. 

This type of design tends to be simple and in most cases, opened. Using long lines and panels is very aesthetically versatile. This breaks the monotony and can change a strict structure into a very interesting one.  

11. Use Cardboard

It is extremely unnecessary to use expensive build-ups for booths. Cardboard makes an interesting build-up material. Cardboards are considered very affordable and accessible. The material allows light to travel through. 

A build-up made of cardboard is easy to assemble and recycle. It has further been considered durable and applicable for high-end booth design applications. If you are looking forward to saving money, you can use cardboard on your logos, lounges, building the entire booth, or even a booth element.

12. Neon Lights 

We have advised before for closed booth designs if you are looking for secrecy and intimate experiences. Whichever booth design you opt for, neon lights can be used to draw attention towards your booth. Neon lights are famous for clubs and camping, or even used for She Sheds when signs are purchased from Neon Mama

This nostalgic experience will have attendees interested in knowing what exactly is happening. Neon lights create a blissful ambiance that the audience can relate to. Due to fun associated with neon lights, make sure you incorporate fun ideas in your booth. 

Fun incentives can lead to more attendees hence selling your ideas.

13. Miniature Kitchen 

It doesn't matter what you are selling and who is your target audience; the presence of food creates all the difference. Snacks, drinks, and even meals at your trade show booth make an impact. For long trade shows and exhibitions, for instance, food makes sure attendees pay maximum attention and don't leave in the middle of the talk or activities. 

A miniature kitchen can be used to sample a couple of your products at the same time, providing something for the attendees to stick around for. A miniature kitchen also allows attendees to interact and engage with your organization. This results in intimate and personalized experiences. 

You don't have to go mainstream for your kitchen to work. Remember, the most important thing is selling your brand. For this reason, therefore, it is important to make sure that the food presented represents your company's culture and core values.

14. Adding Entertainment in Your Booth 

Depending on your type of event and your target audience, including entertainment in your booth, comes as an added advantage. For instance, live music in your booth design can create a fun and lively environment. This allows your attendees to stick around. A band with an interesting choice of songs that entertain can be heard from a long distance.

 This can boost attendant by increasing traffic towards your booth. Make sure that the band doesn't occupy the biggest space in the boot. It is important to make sure your audience is comfortable and relaxed. 

Having fun is as important as passing your message at conferences, expos, and trade show events. The music being played should not be overwhelming to both the band and the audience. The effortlessness should be reflected through the ease at which they relate to your organization and its products.  

Trade Show Backdrop

Any trade show backdrop requires a lot more than just a booth. It is vital to make sure that you stand out and cater to the needs of the people. It can be a great way to market yourself at trade shows and expos without breaking the bank. 

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