6 Tips To Boost Video Marketing On YouTube

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It will not be an exaggeration to state that the medium of video was popularized with the advent of YouTube. YouTube changed the dynamics of information and knowledge sharing in addition to entertainment. After Google, YouTube is the second most visited platform in the world. Content on YouTube ranges from the mundane and relatively useless to highly-informative and entertaining. You need to be well-versed in the working of the algorithms employed by YouTube if you wish to increase the reach of your videos. It does not mean that you require a degree in software engineering, computer sciences or data science but you need to be aware of the reasoning behind the algorithm designs. Behavioral analytics is an important feature on YouTube. If a content creator is aware of this feature, the content can be modeled around that to increase the audience reach very effectively. 

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In recent years, YouTube has become the bread and butter for many social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Monetization of content on YouTube has led to many people jumping on the bandwagon with hopes of earning big bucks through creation of top-quality video content. This, however, is not as straight forward as what is believed by many people. There are a lot of videos out there on YouTube, and not every video creator or channel is earning via YouTube videos. Also, for some, earning through YouTube is not their goal. They wish to increase the reach of their content to promote other services or products. Then there are others whose goal is to be a famous YouTuber or influencer. 

tips to boost video marketing youtube subscribers

So, what do people, falling in all these categories, need to do in order to be on top of the trends? How can you increase the reach of your videos? What is required from a video or a video channel on YouTube to be frequented by viewers? We are going to look for the answers to these questions by exploring six tips that go a long way in boosting your video marketing game on YouTube. 

1. Keyword Rich Title And Description 

The title and description of your video is more important than your video itself when you are relying on a search engine to help the audience reach your video. The search engine will pick out the keywords in the title and description of your video to tailor the search results and not the content in your video. Therefore, you need to be smart when deciding on a title of your video and your description must carry a punch as well in terms of keywords. Unlike blogs, long-tail keywords are not as effective in YouTube video marketing. Hence, your aim must be short keywords that can direct the audience towards your YouTube video. Keyword search tools can be effective in this regard. 

There is a YouTube specific keyword search tool as well that can help you with tags, titles and descriptions in your videos. Using popular and effective keywords is one of the best ways to increase the reach of your content. There is also a better and easier way to do all this hard work, you can opt for a video creation service.

2. Thumbnail Optimization 

The thumbnail or the picture that represents your video on YouTube is of extreme importance. Invest a little time and thought on deciding on the image that will act as a beacon for your YouTube video. Whether it is a YouTube search or you are using a search engine to look for a specific video, the video thumbnail is something that will first catch your attention. If the thumbnail has text, it should not come out as boring text, neither should it be too flashy. It should be attractive and decipherable at the same time, so that the viewer is compelled to click on the video. Work a little on thumbnail optimization, it will definitely pay off! Many users ignore videos that have poor representation in the form of thumbnails. 

In addition to thumbnails, a YouTube channel also needs to put in a little effort on its banner. The YouTube banner size should be such that it is effectively visible on both desktop and a mobile device. The banner is a representation of your channel; therefore, it should be relevant to the content you are posting on your channel. 

3. Focus On Content 

It does not happen in today’s world of Internet that you can have substandard content and still have thousands of views. Users of Internet are smart enough to know what kind of content has value, and what content was created just for the sake of views. Substandard content may have a few views initially but such content will eventually die out. The watch time, video quality, audio, subtitles everything should be optimized according to the target audience. When your viewers recognize your content as one to their liking, they will be returning to your channel again and again. If you are putting up carefully thought-out and creative content on your YouTube channel, chances are that you are gaining subscribers as well. It has been revealed that almost 50% of the views on a video are subscribers of that particular channel. You must never compromise on content if you want to stay in this video marketing game for long. 

4. Social Media 

Social media is a heaven for content creators. The audience reach enhances significantly if you are smart with your social media marketing. If you want the users to come to your YouTube channel or to increase the views of an important video you have created, you can just post the link on your social media handle. From there on, your work becomes easier than ever. Social media has the greatest number of users at any given time in the world. You can identify when your target audience is most active and post the YouTube link of your video during that time window. Social media has the added advantage of sharing the link/video with their friends, family and followers. You should have an active and engaging presence on social media to promote your videos. Many people and even huge enterprises like IMDB have increased the audience to their YouTube channels by way of social media engagement. 

5. Guest YouTubers Or Influencers 

If you are new to the field of content creation on YouTube but you know you have great content that will definitely appeal to a specific audience, you can team up with an influencer. Also, you can have a weekly or monthly theme of appearance of a guest in your videos. That guest can be a fellow YouTuber or could be an influencer. People who are already famous in the field of YouTube content creation can direct their followers towards your video by making a mention of your channel in their video or on their social media channel. Alternatively, if you create content on health and fitness and collaborate with an influencer in the same field that will also boost your content. Not only the audience of that influencer will be watching your videos, but also new viewers will come to your channel when they see your seriousness upon collaboration with an expert in the field. 

6. Email Marketing 

The use of email to increase the reach of your videos may seem outdated but it is an effective method. All you need to do is to be smart with composing your email when targeting a specific audience. Everyone checks his or her inbox at least once a day. If you have identified your audience and come up with an appealing subject line and an engaging email text along with the link of your video, there are great chances that your intended audience will click on that link. A YouTube downloader free can also help share your videos with a growing audience.

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With some background knowledge, dedicated effort, and keeping yourself updated with the changing trends and needs of YouTube users, viewers can keep you on top of the game for a long period of time. These are just few of the tips that can help in increasing your YouTube audience and keep you afloat in this ocean of content available on YouTube. You can keep exploring more as you work in this field and devise your own video marketing strategy that works best in relation to your content.

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