How Start-Up Founders Can Reap The Benefits Of An Executive MBA Program

startup founders benefit executive mba program

An Executive MBA program can give ambitious start-up founders the platform they need to succeed in business on a global scale. Here are some of the benefits that come with this type of business degree: 


Many business school students are entrepreneurs or business owners already, and are looking to make that next big leap in their careers. Institutions are aware that many students have constraints on time due to work, lifestyle and other commitments. Taking a flexible Executive MBA program at an institution like Hult International Business School is ideal for working professionals who want to move forward in their careers and future-proof skills, while having the flexibility to study when it is more convenient for them. 

With this type of program you can condense your studies, or study over evenings and weekends. You can also complete the course in as little as 18 months if desired. If you are based in the US, you can study Hult's Metropolitan EMBA, which allows you to study over two weekends in a month in a US city that is closer to you. 

The Gaining Of A Professional Network 

If you own a business, you need a large network of contacts to explore opportunities and to successfully sell your products and services. If you study for an Executive MBA, you'll be able to focus on building up that network through co-operation and frequent contact with fellow students, other entrepreneurs, business owners, other professionals and professors. The strength of your network could be a deciding factor in how successful your start-up is in lifting off the ground. Studying for an Executive MBA will open doors and give a start-up founder an opportunity to network with the right people, potentially earn funding for their concept, and help them reach their long-term business goals. 

Gaining New Skills 

When you study for an Executive MBA, you will learn a host of new skills along the way that will help you and your business to thrive. Many courses cover topics that some entrepreneurs wouldn't typically consider being a part of business management, such as how to encourage team building, administration, accounting, marketing, conflict resolution, persuasion, objectives, goal setting and more. You will also have ample opportunity during your course to implement these new skills and use them in real life scenarios. 

Developing Leadership Skills 

To run a start-up or any business successfully, you have to master leadership and how to manage your employees effectively. An Executive MBA will give you some practical experience of doing this, so you are able to lead those that work for you in your company in a way that involves effective communication alongside consideration. 

Potential Investors 

If you have an idea for a start-up business, chances are that you will need significant funding to make your idea a reality. Some business schools often funding competitions where students can win the opportunity to have their projects funded by investors. This is where attending a business education institution has great rewards if you have the right idea and business plan to execute it. 

Learning The Art Of Business Planning 

Strong strategic planning is needed if you're an entrepreneur with a start-up business. While it's a given that you may make mistakes and learn from them along the way, an Executive MBA can give you the tools you need to successfully plan each stage of your business' development. Your degree will show you how to ensure that your business remains profitable, despite future expansion and growth. You will also learn how to minimize costings to make the money you invest in your business go that little bit further. 

Shaping Your Brand 

When you study for an Executive MBA, you are able to focus on your brand identity and your own personal strengths. The various modules you take on your course will give you insight that you can apply to your start- up, so that your brand can evolve organically as a concept with your increasing knowledge. This also applies to yourself – you will learn how to market yourself as a 'brand', starting from the moment you obtain your business qualification from a reputable institution. 


A huge part of a successful start-up comes down to marketing. While you may have come up with an innovative idea, you need to know how to market it correctly to your intended audience. Studying for an Executive MBA will give you extensive marketing skills that you can implement to benefit your business. It is likely that you will study how to conduct market analysis and research, use analytics and other tools that can identify trends in the area your business is targeting. In order to have a successful start-up, you will not only need to carefully analyze the market, but you'll also need to know how to interpret your findings and turn them into actions that move your business forward. An Executive MBA is a valuable asset in this area.

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