5 Best Promotional Products for Businesses On a Budget

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With over 627,000 new businesses opening each year, you want to make your business stand out amidst the crowd.

How do you cut through the noise?

One of the ways to get people to keep thinking about you is by giving out the best promotional products at event or instore. People love getting free things that function in their daily lives.

Continue reading this article to learn about promotional items people are going to love.

The Best Promotional Products Your Customers Will Love

When you're on a budget, you don't have money to spend on expensive giveaways. We totally understand these following freebies are budget-friendly.

1. Bottle Opener

A personalized bottle opener or a themed bottle opener is sure to be a hit. People will think of you every time they open up a cold one.

Bottle openers are both functional and frequently used so this is exactly what you want when trying to stay in front of people. People are also usually in a good mood when they are using bottle openers so they'll associate your company with a good time.

2. Magnetic Calendar

Sure, we all have calendars on our phones but that doesn't mean it isn't helpful to have a calendar where we can see it easily.

Make sure the calendar you give out is small so people don't feel like it is overpowering their fridge. Your logo or photo doesn't need to be huge either. If your calendar is overly promotional then people are less likely to put up in their kitchen.

3. Lanyard

Lanyards are helpful in so many ways that you are likely to be able to help anyone by giving them one. Make sure it is attractive and not overly promotional.

Lanyards are great for holding keys, bottles, ID badges, name tags and more.

If you know why the people that you're giving it to are going to use it, you can even give them some accessories to make the deal even sweeter.

4. Pen and Stylus

Giving away pens is very 2002. Now if you give someone a pen/stylus combo, you're likely to get people to pay attention to your promotional product and they'll actually use it. If you just give someone a pen, it is likely to end up in a drawer somewhere -- unused!

5. Bluetooth Speakers 

Bluetooth speakers are a little more on the expensive side but you might save these for the bigger clients you're trying to land.

Since Bluetooth speakers work on smartphones, tablets and some laptops, it makes it a very good promotional product. Almost anyone is going to be able to use it and they're going to be excited about getting it.

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