5 Tips To Ensure Your Email Marketing Content Shines

email marketing content tips

Gone are the days of print advertising — today is the era where all of your marketing and advertising efforts can be done from the comfort of your computer. Now that we live in the digital age, more and more businesses are choosing to use social media and email platforms to reach their customers and boost their organic and local SEO. 

However, email marketing is easier said than done. For the newbie, it can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming to create email content that reliably converts your customers. So to help you get those conversions, here are some content writing tips to help you spread your email marketing magic. 

Keep Your Headline Simple 

Of course your headline is important, as this is the detail that piques your reader’s interest. However, many people think that a good headline is long, when this is not the case. Not only are longer headlines usually cut out of the email preview in the inbox, they can easily bore your readers. 

Instead, choose a strong, straight-to-the-point headline without any difficult, industry-specific words. Remember, you are the professional in this industry, and not many people will know the ins and outs of it as you do. So it’s always best to write your content like a complete beginner would read it. 

Choose “you” instead of “we” When it comes to converting those leads for email marketing, it always helps to make the email about the customer instead of your business. Creating an email that shows off the customer’s benefits, advantages, and viewpoints is the easiest way to build trust with a prospective customer. Most clients want to see how they’ll benefit from your products or services, so always write the email with their perspective in mind. 

Focus On Preview Text 

Besides the headline, the only thing a customer will see before opening your email is the preview text. This text is the first sentence of the email, and you want to make it relevant, unique, and engaging. Preview text is only around 35 to 140 characters, so you really want to focus on this sentence the most when composing your email. 

Keep Yelling To A Minimum 

Don’t write in caps, overuse exclamation marks, or capitalize every word; it looks almost as if you are shouting and this is a huge turn off to customers. It comes off as being spammy and inauthentic. Instead, write how you would talk to a brand new customer: calmly, authoritatively, to the point, and not too casually. 

Include Your Social Media Platforms 

Customers nowadays find everything via social media. These platforms — think Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn — are one of the easiest ways to instill trust and authority in your company and brand. 

More often than not, the customers will try to search for you anyways after seeing your email, so go the extra step and include it in your content. When it comes to your marketing efforts, there’s no such thing as too much social media presence, so advertise yourself. 

Channel FOMO 

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”, and as human beings, we are wired to react in a positive way to something that is limited time only. So consider offering a limited time promotion, sale, or offering in your email as a way to elicit a response from a prospective customer. Using psychology within your marketing content is an easy way to nudge readers to click and read your email. 

Email Excellently

Content and context are king for email marketing. With these email marketing tips in mind, you’ll be quickly on your way to converting those leads and growing your business exponentially.

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