How To Write A Cancellation Letter To Your Boss

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Are you sick of the 9-5 grind at the office? Want to send your boss a letter cancelling them and firing them so they can stop ordering you around? A frugal franchise might be the answer you are looking for!

Opening a business can be a daunting task. Franchises provide the proven concept, training and support necessary to make the transition smoother and more successful. But what franchising opportunity should you choose? 

Franchise Finding Due Diligence

When quitting your job to start a franchise, you need to do your research first. Due diligence is about research, education and finding the right service partners; such as funding and legal. The focus is on finding the right fit for you. Due diligence can be tiring and a lot of hard work. But, hard work is something you're used to; from managing your career and coordinating family obligations; you have dug in and got your hands dirty along the way. While some of those considering the jump to owning their own franchise may have a good sense of the type of business they want to own, it can still take plenty of time to find the right fit and get things done. 

Service Based Franchises Are Heating Up

With so many options to choose from, we make it easier by doing the research and analysis you need at no charge to you. We present and highlight some of the highest graded franchises available! NOW WHAT? Service Based Franchises are attracting a lot of attention! Attributes: recurring revenue recession-resistant flexibility and scalability low initial investment tax benefits with a home based office proven potential for executive income proven concepts. Franchises aren't guarantees but they are close to it, so consider becoming a franchisee now.

10 Top Franchises To Consider Joining After Firing Your Boss

Flooring Franchise

After you send off your I quit email, you may want to look into a flooring franchise. Offers residential and commercial customers the ability to shop for flooring at their location on their time. Offer Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Area Rugs, and Luxury Vinyl flooring. With one the largest selections of flooring from every major manufacturer starting franchising: 1988 locations: 150 franchise fee: $59,500 initial investment: $154,200-$222,700 

Bathroom Renovations Franchise 

$50 Billion bathroom remodeling industry. Work with proprietary technologies, full in-house marketing, 70%-90%+ of your leads come from online sources. The in-house Call Center allows Franchisees to grow quickly. started franchising: 2002 locations: 62 franchise fee: $40,000 initial investment: $75,530 - $141,100 

Trash Removal Franchise

An extremely simple business model with recurring revenue, routed service and minimal staff. A 15-minute eco-friendly service that compacts commercial trash in waste containers and reduces haul volume by 70% on average. No facility requirements started franchising: 2019 locations: 525 franchise fee: $89,500 initial investment: $322,650 - $395,500 

Garage Renovations Franchise

Elevate the garage from cluttered junk drawer to America's true front door. The possibilities for residential garage transformation are endless. Garage renovation is a booming, $2.2 Billion COVID-resistant industry, consistently growing at 5% annually started franchising: 2020 locations: 29 franchise fee: 49,500 initial investment: $114,409 - $137,154 

Plumbing Franchise 

You don’t have to be a full-time Master Plumber. The Tools and Systems that comes with the franchise can make you the top plumbing option in a much-needed service in your market started franchising: 1972 locations: 275 franchise fee: $40,000 initial investment: $79,975 - $187,140 

Deck Building Franchise 

The world's largest custom design builder of custom decks, screened porches, open porches, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, hardscapes, and other outdoor living spaces. Completed over $500M in projects for over 75,000 clients started franchising: 1985 locations: 68 franchise fee: $49,500 initial investment: $129,500 - $150,000 

Custom Blinds Franchise  

A lifestyle business with high margins, low operating costs and a cash flow friendly model. Sell virtually everything for the interior of a window in both residential and commercial markets, including blinds, shades, shutters, window film and fabric treatments started franchising: 2009 locations: 120 franchise fee: $64,900 initial investment: $75,000 - $85,000 

Networking Groups Franchise  

Every small business needs some type of marketing plan. If a business has the funds for just one marketing effort, business networking provides the greatest return on investment! started franchising: 2016 locations: 67 franchise fee: $40,000 - $50,000 initial investment: $40,000 - $50,000 

Mobility Care Franchise  

Provide stair lifts, fixed and portable ramps, scooters, power wheelchairs and other mobility related products to individuals suffering with mobility limitations. Help people age in place, stay independent and be mobile in their community. started franchising: 2018 locations: 30 franchise fee: $55,000 initial investment: $134,000 - 158,000 to your franchisor. 

Online Community Franchise

Joining an online community franchise could also be a great option after sending your boss a cancellation letter email, including the Sick Of The Bull franchisee platform. Sick of the Bull (SOTB) is first and foremost an online community of minds – intellectual, diverse, poignant, litigious, perpetually evolving minds. No person is unfit to contribute to the vast collection of knowledge on SOTB (except for those who use racially, derogatory, and culturally abusive language). The typical SOTB user will be one that has a desire to be heard, a desire to listen, and a desire for public discourse on a variety of topics ranging from yesterday’s stock movements to conflicts across the globe. 

We, the intellectuals of the world, have few places to spill our guts without being shredded by the media, our friends, and our families, and we need somewhere to vent about politics, religion, political correctness, etc. 

We are SICK OF THE BULL. What? Sick of the Bull will be an online community. Users will sign up and have access to write on all of SOTBs wide variety of forums. The forums will be under different headers. Each header will be something that is important in modern society and often creates mayhem among those who passionately discuss it: i.e. politics. These headers will be limited in scope to around 10 different items. One of the headers will be news. Here, current stories from the various world papers will be linked. Under each header, users will be able to create a new thread (topic) for open discussion with the rest of the SOTB community. Every user will have a profile where they can list some personal information (if desired). 

They will also receive a ranking on a scale: from an angel to a devil (a halo and horns). These have no religious connotation, but will simply tell other users how “fired up” the individual gets when arguing. Thus, calmer users can avoid confrontation with more heated debaters. On each user’s profile there will be a list of threads they started and threads they have commented on (see sportsline design). 

SOTB will also offer a variety of merchandise that coincides with our ideals. T-shirts, mugs, etc. Where? SOTB will be an online community; a social network that has more of a blog feel. College debate team goes online. When? SOTB will be an open ended forum that evolves as current perspectives evolve. Material will never get old. Why? Free speech without the consequences of driving friends, family, and coworkers insane with political, societal, and economic rants! How? All services will be provided via the internet. Everything will be free of charge. User traffic will be the key to SOTB’s success. Competition? 

Online media outlets: i.e. Boston Globe, New York Times, etc. Online social networks: Facebook, TikTok, etc. Market Niche? SOTB finds a nice niche. People always comment on stories from major newspapers, why not provide a place where all this information is at the user’s fingertips? With a Sick Of The Bull franchise you can build a big business on a budget!

Find Your Franchise

So if you haven't already, write and send that cancellation letter or email to your boss and fire them. Start your frugal franchise today!

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