How to Run a Free Background Check Online

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that someone wasn't all they appeared to be? Do you need to run a free background search?

We now live in the information age. If you want free background information about someone, then you've come to the right place.

Dig in and keep reading to get all the details you need to know about how to get this information on the web.

How to Find Free Background Information Online

If you were to buy a full background check, then what information would you expect to learn? Here's an overview:

  • Employment information
  • Credit history
  • Criminal Records
  • Motor vehicle information
  • Education information

The best background check will provide this information for a price. With some independent research, though, you can find most of this data for free.

How would you start to conduct a free public data check? You need to start with the person's name. It's also helpful to know a few personal details like the person's birthday.

If you know the person's social media profile, then start there. Pew research indicates about 65% of adults use social media.

Among those, many publish their educational and employment history. That's two of the items you would have paid for with a full report! With a little more digging, you may find other information on their profile.

Next, you'll want to expand your search to engines like Google. Search the person's name alongside identifying details.

Looking up Criminal Records

Now that you've gained a little insight into the person, you'll want to check their criminal record. First, you'll want to know the various places the person has lived.

A free public criminal record check takes time, but it won't cost anything.

Check the county and civil convictions in each area.  These convictions are public record, so you can conduct a criminal background check free.

Keep in mind that civil judgments against the person are also public record. Search for these during your free criminal record check as well.

What About a Person's Credit Score?

Are you trying to learn a person's credit score? In most situations, these scores can't get pulled without written permission. You also must have a legitimate business reason for pulling the report.

Consider Using a People Search Database

Have you combed through social media and search engines to no avail?

Sometimes, obtaining a person's information isn't straightforward. Not everyone posts their information online, and not every state publicizes criminal charges.

If you're coming up short, then it's best to consider using a people search database. These services can help you access the public records you need.

Checking Someone's Background Online for Free

While employee background checks involved a lot of leg work back in the day, it's simplified thanks to the internet. In fact, most people willingly publish information about themselves online.

Free background checks have never been easier.

Did you learn anything about online research in this article? Are you interested in learning more? Continue to check out our blog daily for our latest content.

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