4 Tips For A Startup Business Website

tips startup business website design

A newly established business isn't worth much if it is not supported by a professional and easy-to-use website. In the 21st century, a world wide web became literally a place to expose your “shop window” to everyone, and that window has to stand out among plenty of others, just as in every shopping mall. 

The importance of having a business website are several: 

• Present your business, 
• Attract potential buyers and users, 
• Give credibility to your business, 
• Save money and time, 
• Keep your target group informed, 
• Make the user’s experience more personalized, etc

How To Create A Small Business Website? 

Luckily, you don’t have to develop and create the website for your startup all by yourself. There are many great companies such as ottofeller which can provide you with all-in-one service and help you develop a unique platform. If you decide to go with this option, make sure you choose the company specialized for businesses like yours. Check out the previous projects and the experience of the company before making a final decision.

If you decide to create the website by yourself, there are plenty of tutorials online that might help you, even if you are starting from scratch. However, there are some rules you would definitely like to follow in order to attract more visitors and convince them to buy or use your product and services. 

1. Find A Reliable Web Host 

Choosing the right web host is a technical requirement, but very important. No matter the type of your business, a strong and secure web hosting is half work done. You want your online business to follow your “real” one, and that means you simply can’t afford your website crashes or lose security for you and your visitors. One of the things that annoys people the most is poor loading time. 

Studies have shown if the loading time takes 5 or more seconds, 74% of the people will not return to your website. 

2. Choose An Attractive Web Design 

The unique design of your website is definitely a hook that will keep your visitors stay and explore. Simple, consistent, and mobile-friendly websites are a reflection of all successful business. The right combination of colors supported by easy navigation is a winning combination. Many services offer original and finished themes and templates you can easily adjust to your needs. It is especially important for startups and newly established business to develop visually interesting online pages so that the audience can get as much as possible information from the first contact. One trick is to have a video landing page, where you can present your business clearly and precisely to each visitor. People like presentational videos, short but full of useful and practical information. 

3. Provide Your Audience With Useful And Informative Content 

Videos and articles are an essential part of every website since they are the way to communicate with your visitors. Having well-written articles is important for two reasons. First, you have to inform your visitors about the product or service you offer. This means that the texts have to be precise, well structured, informative, and to give the reader some kind of a solution to his problem. Integrated call to actions are an important part of a successful marketing strategy, so you better make sure they are implemented in a natural and non-aggressive flow. The second reason you should have high-quality articles is for SEO purposes. Search Engine Optimization is a method used for reaching higher rankings among many results in Google and getting to your target group faster. The competition on the market is huge, which makes this method even more important. 

4. Be Patient While Developing Your Online Business 

Developing the website takes time, so don’t expect the miracle will happen overnight. Even if you create a marvelous website in a day, it will take time until it reaches its audience. Successful online businesses require constant improvements, and learning from mistakes is an essential part of the process. 


No matter the type of company you want to present to the online world, make sure to be creative and anticipate the customers/users needs. Think about the features you expect as a customer from similar websites, and build them into your own. And remember, nowadays it is all about the experience.

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