How Does Content And SEO Merge To Create A Success Story?

merge content and seo success story

The debate of Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is akin to the question of what between the chicken and the egg came first. If it is the chicken, where had the egg come from? If it is the egg, who had laid it. Yet, even within such a context, each is not only directly related to the other but firmly interdependent. 

Content vs SEO

A lot of arguments has gone back and forth in an attempt to weigh the importance of content versus SEO. In the discussion that follows, we will not engage in the contest of superiority between these two important aspects of the online ecosystem but rather we will look at how to merge them for online success. Granted, none can do without the other but each must compliment the other for success to be achieved. 

What Do You Prioritize: Content Or SEO? 

Content is king, and this is not bound to change any time soon. However, the driver that allows this content to shine is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It, therefore, goes that once you create amazing content, you must optimize it and allow it to be seen, be noticed, be shared and be talked about. When this is done, content and SEO will have been optimally synchronized. It is a symbiotic relationship; one is highly dependent on the other. What steps must you then take to help you merge content and SEO successfully? Let’s highlight a few of them. 

Audience Analysis 

If you follow the traditional media path used by conventional mainstream media outlets, you will realize that at the heart of anything put out for consumption by the masses, there must be an elaborate answer as to whom the audience is or will be. A similar approach works perfectly in aligning content and SEO. 

Once you accurately establish the consumers of your content, you will produce content that is relevant and striking. It will be easy to resonate with your audience. With this, applying SEO techniques that put your content on the front is easy. If, for instance, your content targets millennials, social media will be a key aspect of your SEO efforts, YouTube will also be your good friend and all these efforts will add to the success of your online success efforts. 

Competitor Content Analysis 

Approach your online existence like an athletic racing championship where best performers are awarded. This means that you must also learn and closely watch who your competitors are and what they are doing to compete at the same level. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily watch what your competitors are doing in a bid to compete but also to learn from them. 

For example, you will need to identify content formats that optimize your content. They could be videos, plain texts, images or even checklists. Also, the placement of keywords, as well as inbound and outbound links is also an important aspect of competitor analysis. It helps you to know whom to collaborate within your journey. 

Bear in mind that your competitors have to be viewed from both an SEO and content approach. What effective SEO tools are they using? It is more or less a comprehensive SWOT analysis on them. 

SEO Tools And Techniques 

How do you approach your online presence and search engine optimization strategy? 

Having established the importance of the symbiotic relationship between content and SEO, you need to have the right tools to help you merge the two. For instance, from time to time, you will need to measure/weigh the performance of your content marketing. Do you know what/how to go about such an analysis? In addition, you need to grow your SEO tactics so that you are able to reach more influential platforms. 

Videos, social media platforms as well as email marketing are some of the tools that can help you scale your content through proper use of SEO techniques as highlighted by However, you must understand your niche, the expected results and other nitty-gritty to gain from the tools and techniques you pick. 

In addition, content and SEO is dependent on constant analysis through tools that sometimes work behind your websites and platforms. Use them to know how much traffic your site has had, the geographical reach of your content and so on. That is one way of finding a perfect balance between content and SEO. 

Using Off-Site Assets For Content And SEO 

When you consult an expert in a certain field, you gain informed insight on a given topic from an authoritative source. If you create content that is SEO focused, it will positively gain traction when backed up by external authorities. A good example is having guest posts on your blog posts. This form of content marketing will not only breathe fresh air and offer a different point of view but they may also be instrumental in advancing your course. 

This also applies to infographics, videos, photos and so on. Whereas they aren’t necessarily part of your larger content plan, incorporating them gives impetus to your online journey. 

Content Conclusion: SEO Like A Pro

Until you successfully align your SEO with the content you create, you might not experience the full potential of a strong online presence. Nonetheless, a lot of groundwork has to be covered to successfully have these two important components complement one another. In addition, it helps to continuously learn what the market is offering especially at a time when the market is experiencing disruptive technologies continuously. In the end, there is much to gain in successfully merging content and SEO strategies.

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