Different Responsibilities And Skills Of A Professional UX Designer

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It is prudent on your part that before jumping into the field of UX designing that you know what the job exactly means and requires from you. To start with, you must possess some specific skills and knowledge that is complex and different from any average designers. You job description and responsibilities will be much more than the web designers and you will need to approach following the science behind this entire concept. 

As for your job responsibilities as a UX designer, it will be varied, extensive, complex and include: 

• Conducting user research 
• Conducting user testing 
• Developing different wireframes 
• Creating several tasks flows 
• Collaborating with Designers and Developers 
• Creating more intuitive and user friendly software. 

All these jobs must be done considering all of the basic as well as overall user needs so that they get a better user experience or UX. 

Companies like Clay.Global look for several attributes in the UX designers such as: 

• They must be adept in designing different platforms and software that will meet all different needs of the users. 

• They must have thorough knowledge regarding combining different interfaces with workflows so that it helps to augment the user experience. 

 They must also be extremely creative and analytical while UX designing so that they are able to grasp the different varied needs of the users easily and design a proper and effective solution to any problems. 

Therefore, if you want to make it big in this field it goes without saying that you will need a very strong portfolio of result driven and successful UX and exceptional knowledge of different other technical projects as well. 

Different Areas To Look For 

As a UX designer you will need to look after all different areas of web designing that is beyond the basics. Your ultimate objective is to make a product that is more user-friendly, intuitive and attractive that will help your clients to retain their customers easily so that they have an increase in sales, conversions and business revenue. 

Your job description will include: 

 Understanding product specifications 
 Researching more about user psychology 
• Conducting concept and usability tests 
• Gathering feedback and information 
• Analyzing / preparing reports to implement in designing further 
• Creating different personas & profiles using user data + research 
• Creating and defining the appropriate interaction model 
 Evaluating the success of these models and finding flaws to make amendments to increase level of performance 
 Developing different useful wireframes 
 Creating special + useful prototypes considering customer needs
 Finding and implementing creative ways to solve any UX problems such as usability, navigation and accessibility 
 Working as a team with different UI designers to create and implement more attractive designs 
 Communicating different innovative design ideas and 
 Creating and communicating prototypes to the developers. 

To ensure that you perform your duties in the best ways possible you will need to be abreast and have exceptional knowledge about the market, the demand of the customers, the products of the competitors of your clients as well as the upcoming trends in the specific industry. 

The Requirements 

Apart from extensive knowledge about the market and the users you will also need to fulfill several other requirements for the job of a UX designer. You must ensure that you have a: 

 Proven experience and a successful track record as a UX Designer 
 Strong portfolio of previously designed projects 
 Strong background in user research and project management 
 Familiarity with info architecture and interaction design 
 Proficiency in designing different useful UX software such as Balsamiq and UXPin 
 Knowledge about HTML, Photoshop, CSS and JavaScript 
 Strong problem solving aptitude 
 Business acumen and an analytical mind and 
 Strong communication skills. 

As for the academic qualification of UX designers, you must possess a BSc degree in Design, Engineering, Computer Science or any other related field. 

Other Skills Required 

The need for UX designers is ever rising but you will need to have a diverse skill set to excel in this field. It is certainly not a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ concept. You must have exceptional knowledge about using the most advanced prototyping tools and software such as Justinmind and also have to deliver according to the needs of the users. You must know the ins and outs of the user behavior, their psychology, and much more. 

You are required to have your fingers in all the pies because UX design is not only required in food analogies but across all other diverse industry sectors that needs specializations to stand out in different other areas of competencies. In addition to all these there are a few other specific skill sets required in a proficient UX designer such as: 

 Research-  You will need to be very serious and efficient in UX research to create meticulously thought and crafted mobile apps or websites. You must know lost about cognitive psychology, computer science, engineering and analytical tools for your design process. 

 Collaboration – You will need to collaborate with web developers and designers to ensure the best results in coding, designing, managing projects, understanding the product and its marketing. 

 UX Writing –   This is the unsung hero but in UX this plays a very significant role and you should know to play it well. Just like coding requires exceptional skill set, you will it too for UX writing as well to create intense user experiences. 

 Visual Communication –  This is another knowledge that you cannot do without if you want to be a successful UX designer. Since all humans are visual animals, visual communication is the heart of UX. Therefore, ensure that you brush up your skills in UI design to create better assets, vivid icons, clear presentations, and more interactive prototypes and mockups. 

User empathy is one of the most important things that you cannot do without if you want to know their problems and find the best solution to it. If you have no empathy you will be detached from the end users and eventually fail to design a solution for their needs thereby create a terrible UX in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about different responsibilities and skills of a professional UX designer in today's job market.

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