How Electric Scooters Save Your Company Money

how electric scooters save company money greener fleet cheaper commutes

Electric scooters are being looked at by many businesses as a way of saving money. Instead of buying company cars, electric scooters are a great alternative in locations where commutes to work are short but congested. Additionally, employers find value with electric scooters, since they are more affordable, cheaper to maintain, and use no gas. Here are some ways that electric scooters can save your company money. 

Going Green 

If the company that you work for is a green company, the likelihood that they issue electric scooters, verses having a less green fleet of gas guzzling, emission producing vehicles, is quite high. 

Electric Scooters are cheaper to maintain and to run. They run on electric batteries and have no emissions. If your company is going green, an electric scooter is the way to go. 

Time Management 

If employees are going off-site for lunch, it can take an hour, or more, to drive to a store, purchase a meal, eat, and drive back. However, if the company offers electric scooters to its employees, the scooters can potentially get you to a restaurant and back faster. Parking a scooter, alone, is a time saver. 

Another time saver is in response times. In India, the railway has equipped employees with electric vehicles to get them to an incident faster. Previously, they had to walk, or run, up and down the tracks if there was an emergency or broken-down train. Their response time was cut by 2/3 when they began using electric scooters as a mode of transportation. 

Electric scooters are useful, as well, for emergency medical response teams or hazmat teams in chemical plants. Being able to respond to a problem quickly can help protect employees as well as to keep company assets safe, should there be a small fire or a chemical spill. 

company electric scooters fleet greener vehicles cheaper commute

Alternative Transportation Options 

If you work in a very large complex, your company may use golf carts to get around. Walking from building to building takes time and can be exhausting. The use of golf carts can expedite the movement of important documents and people who need to get to meetings at various locations throughout the day. However, if they switch to electric scooters, the company can save a good deal of money. 

Electric scooters are cheaper to purchase and to run. Many have storage capabilities, to hold briefcase and files, while in transit. They also take up less space, so you can park more scooters in a small area than you can golf carts. With a charging station, electric scooters can always be charging while the rider is in a meeting or carrying on their business indoors. 

Tax Write Off For Employees 

If you live in a location where it would be easier to use an electric scooter than to navigate heavy traffic, you may be able to write off the purchase of an electric scooter as a business expense. When you make a purchase that is solely for work purchase, and you are not reimbursed, you can almost always write off that purchase on your taxes. This can be a perk for those who are looking for tax savings as well as faster commutes. 

Electric Scooters Are Here To Stay

Electric scooters aren’t just for kids. They have many benefits. You can use them to get to places faster than walking, they take up less space to park, they are more affordable than purchasing a fleet of cars or golf carts, and they can be a tax deduction for those who are purchasing a scooter for work purposes and not getting reimbursed. There is no reason not to include them in your business.

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