Why Crown Agencies Are Turning To Board Portal Software

why crown agencies turn to board portal software programs

In an era filled with high-profile cyber crimes, where bad actors hack data from multinational corporations and even prominent political parties, it’s not surprising that institutions with broad public mandates like Crown Agencies use every tool possible to keep their communications secure. 

One strategy they’re increasingly turning to is using board portal software. Read on to learn some of the reasons why. 

Streamlining Communications 

Many Crown Agencies use board portal software to centralize communication, and to help them implement the core principles of better governance. With board portal software, it is no longer necessary to use a complex combination of emails, couriered hard copies, and mobile devices. The software makes it easy for the decision makers in your organization to get the information they need quickly, and to share it immediately with the right people. 

Your board of directors will be able to read documents, flag important passages, and instantly share their insights or concerns with other board members. Furthermore, logs make it possible to see who has opened up what documents, so you know which directors have read which materials before a meeting. These features make it easy for board members to discuss and contemplate decisions before and after the meeting, which is key to ensuring the meeting itself is more productive. 

Advanced Encryption And Security Features 

Board portal software empowers Crown Agencies and other organizations to achieve continuous access to information, effective collaboration, and increased visibility and transparency in decision making in the most secure way. 

When considering what you should look for in board portal software the importance of overall security cannot be overstated. A board portal software provider should keep all information safe using advanced encryption algorithms. But board portal software should also ensure that the servers being used to store information adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications, and that every log in can be safely authenticated. 

Industry leaders like Aprio even have passwords at the document level, to give you greater control over confidentiality. Board portal software is based in the Cloud, meaning the data can be wiped remotely even if the device itself goes missing — which can avert a crisis before it happens. This is important for any institution, but especially Crown Agencies or Crown corporations. 

Easy To Use 

The best board portal software has easy drag-and-drop features, which make it intuitive to use. Moreover, directors can access it on their desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, or whatever device is most comfortable for them. 

Software options such as Aprio come with safe download features, meaning the software can be used even when offline.Crucially, the basic design of the software itself makes it easy to use: a portal software may offer very advanced features, but if they are too complicated to actually use, they may as well not exist. And you should also remember to look for a board portal software company that offers ongoing training and support included with the cost of the software, in case you run into technical difficulties. 


Between tools that make communication easy and transparent, and robust security features that make data sharing confidential, it’s not surprising that board portal software is so popular now among Crown Agencies and other public institutions.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why Crown Agencies are turning to board portal software programs to improve business.

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