What Is The Best Real Estate CRM?

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Real estate involves dealing with the buying and selling of land and buildings. Real estate businesses deal with many clients and handle many transactions making their work complex. To ensure that realtors and real estate agents can do their work successfully, they can make use of CRM software programs. This customer relationship management software simplifies real estate professional's work, automates all the repetitive tasks and gives them more time to focus on the actual process of selling and customer related issues with properties. 

Real Estate CRM is widely being used by most agencies and businesses that are involved in real estate work. The software helps in improving their effectiveness and efficiency. There are a number of software packages available. Let us take a look at how you can decide which is the best CRM software for real estate professionals. 

Look For Customization 

There are many ready-made CRM for Real Estate in the market, but they may not be suitable for your business. Because you should run your business as per your process and not how the software defines it. The standard software will have features built-in keeping in mind large real estate firms, but this may not be suitable for small firms. You should not be expected to change the way you work to match the software. Therefore, customization is a very important requirement. 

Customized software ensures that the standard features are tailor-made or changed to suit your requirements and preferences. This ensures that the software works for your needs. When you are looking for a real estate CRM, look for those packages which can be customized. 

Should Cover All Legal Requirements 

The best CRM package should ensure that all the legal and statutory requirements are complied with. Real estate companies need to follow relevant laws and rules. The CRM should incorporate all those legal requirements so that automation of work would be easier. Housing and zoning laws, credit requirements, lease norms, etc should be as per the law. So find out from the software vendor if the package meets these requirements. 

Management Of Information 

A good CRM for real estate will provide for all options to help you record, stores, and access all information related to your business. Find out if the software you are planning to buy allows easy data entry. Also find out if you can import data you already have in other file formats, like excel, directly into the CRM database, so you don’t have to type out data again. 

Workflow And Fleet Management 

All aspects of the workflow right from lead recording to tracking at every stage should be automated. Make sure the software allows you to manage the sales pipeline so that managers can easily track how their team members are managing leads at every stage. Report generation is an important aspect. Whatever reports you need, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis should be generated automatically based on the data entered. Your sales team should not waste time making reports, the software should do it for them, so they use the time saved to focus on selling. 

If you are managing multiple real estate agents or even real estate agencies, you will also want to consider fleet tracking software to complement your customer relationship management system. Try out Mobilizz to keep track of your agents and maximize their productivity. 

Analysis And Metrics 

For any CRM, metrics or measurement of processes is important. The Real estate CRM should allow you to be able to see analyses of data at any time. It should tell you all the important things you want to know like a number of leads, the time is taken to respond to leads, conversion percentage, the time taken to convert leads, average cycle time, etc. If you can get all this information at your fingertips, it helps you to make decisions easily. The CRM software you buy must provide you with these facilities in the form and manner of your choice. 

Document Management 

Real Estate CRM should compulsorily be able to manage documents. Property records, tax records, customer records, registration documents – there are so many documents that real estate firms have to manage. Your CRM should allow you to scan and upload documents easily. You should also be able to upload files of any format and size and retrieve them easily later. It should also allow you to use templates so that when you are making agreements, the software can merge existing templates with client and property data and automatically create lease agreements. 

Mobile Functionality 

Most people use their mobiles for internet applications. A good CRM should have a mobile application too, which will allow you to run the CRM from your mobile, so you need not carry your laptop everywhere. Real estate business professionals are usually on the move, so mobile integration is a must. 


Security plays a very important role. Security of data stored is very important. No one should be able to access your data without your permission. Make sure your software has all security features like login access, ability to restrict data based on job roles and needs and sufficient password protection features. 

Top Customer Relationship Management Systems

The best Real Estate CRM software is one that meets all these requirements. Some of the top software in the market are – Zoho CRM, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Copper CRM, amo CRM, Top Producer CRM, CINC, Iloveleasing, Realty back office, and Realspace. Make sure you check whether all your requirements are met before you go ahead and purchase the customer relationship management software

Industrial Property And New Construction

If you are managing industrial property or new construction, you also want to invest in additional technology. To provide your clients with hydro solar solutions, check out https://hydrosolar.ca/collections/solar-pumping-stations-kits for the top energy-saving options on the market. 

If your managed property needs an oil purification system, learn more about Filtervac International Inc on their website filtervac.com. The top real estate CRM software program will help you to manage the installation, maintenance, and performance of these mechanical assets.  

Find The Right Real Estate CRM Software

Real estate is all about customer and client relationship management. Investing in the right real estate CRM software technology will help to enhance your customer service, property management, and your overall bottom line. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to find and use the best customer relationship management software for real estate.

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