6 Free Apps And SaaS For Real Estate Agents

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Calling all real estate agents that are looking for the best tools on the market to boost productivity, efficiency, organisation and of course, those all important sales. Check out our list of the best real estate agent tools on the market. The best thing about them is that not only are most of them free, but they all really work. You’re welcome! 

6 Top Real Estate Agent Programs

CRM Systems 

The vast majority of real estate agents are using a CRM to stay organised and to manage and increase their sales. CRM’s are now an essential part of any real estate agents day to day life, so if you are not already using one then now is the time to start. 

CRM’s not only allow you to stay on top of your day to day work routine but they also help you to stay on top of your leads, which is an essential part of any real estate agents job. A good CRM site can hold you accountable for your marketing activities and following up with your clients. 


Streak is a fantastic CRM tool, that has been created for Gmail users. It is one of the simplest CRM systems and is completely safe to use. It will allow you to track messages and to send your clients marketing emails efficiently and quickly. 


HubSpot is the latest CRM system for the real estate market. It is a great tool to get agents started as it is by far the simplest to use and is more traditional in its functionality. It will connect to your google mail, outlook and chrome and will keep your contacts organised and updated allowing you to stay on track and super organised. 


Keyper is a fantastic new technology that allows real estate agents to stay on top of all the endless bundles of keys you have to keep organised on a daily basis. The Keyper Systems is an electronic key management system that allows agents to track and organize all their keys and any copies given to clients. It provides a fantastic solution to the age old issues of lost keys for agents, which offers peace of mind that costs are reduced and time is not wasted with constantly trying to locate misplaced keys. 


With so much organisation involved in real estate it’s essential that agents are looking for the top organisational tools to stay on top of the demands of daily work life. Trello is a great new project management software that makes a real estate agents day to day life a breeze. It provides the ability to keep all your administrative work under control. It will organize your to-do lists, set daily reminders for you and allows you to organize all your daily and weekly priorities. 


Although Evernote is not necessarily new to the world of organisation applications it is relatively new in the world of real estate. Agents throughout the real estate markets are starting to notice the great benefit that using Evernote, brings. Evernote allows agents to keep all their notes in one simple place but the benefits don’t stop here, so read this list for the top 50 reasons real estate agents use evernote to be the most organised real estate agent in the market. This top app could become your company's secret weapon!

I hope you enjoyed this article about free apps and software programs available for efficient real estate professionals.

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