7 Tips to Make Your Gym More Profitable

Like pretty much every other business on the planet, gyms need to make a profit, and a decent one at that, if they are going to stay in business and succeed. Luckily, there are a surprising number of ways to make your gym more profitable and I have collected a few of them together here: 

Know Where You Make Your Money 

Instead of simply using a profit and loss indicator to take stock of how well you’re doing, it’s always worth tracking exactly where your profits are made, and your losses are lost. Are you making money on HIIT Exercise classes, bootcamp classes, yoga, spin, swimming, or other areas? Once you know this, you can use the information to improve the areas that are losing you money and build upon the things that are working well for you. 

Offer More Services

If your gym simply offers access to a range of weights and equipment, consider adding yoga, Pilates and aerobics classes to the schedule, so that you can entice more people through the doors, or perhaps offer personal training services to make your gym more valuable than others in the area. 

Offer up classes on  how to lose weight, have more energy, perform better on the field, even out your pecs, or any other fit topic that you think will resonate with your paying members and prospects. Do whatever you can to diversify and give more value and your gym will rise ahead of the competition. 

Increase Efficiency with Software 

Using club manager software to get rid of paper and make it easier to run your gym by automating sign-ins, enrollments and gym membership renewals will save you a whole lot of time and effort. This, in turn, will also save you a significant amount of money, thus boosting your profits even further. You can also utilize software programs to help your clients burn more fat and sell members software memberships as well. 

Market Other Goods and Services 

A gym business is ripe for cross-selling, which can be quite lucrative if you partner up with the right companies and increase sales. For example, if a client books a few sessions with your gym’s personal trainer, you could also suggest they invest in a visit to a local nutritionist or try to sell them healthy protein shakes, thus boosting your income from the one customer significantly. 

Work on Customer Relations 

The gyms that are the most successful are the ones where the members feel valued; the ones where they get to know the staff and build up a rapport with them. If you are able to treat your customers with the utmost of care and attention, they are more likely to keep coming and much more likely to stick with your gym even when some healthy competition sets up business nearby. 

Create a Brand 

A very effective way of increasing your profits when you’re in the gym business is to set up your own brand and start selling everything from water bottles to home fitness equipment. You already have a bunch of members who you know are into health and fitness, so it becomes much easier to sell your stuff to them. Start a YouTube channel or a podcast!

Offer Incentives 

The best way to get more customers into a gym is undoubtedly via referrals from friends and family, and the best way to get your members to refer people to your gym is by offering them incentives. Give them a fitfluential six-week membership to hand to a friend, extend their promotional period to include a friend or give them a few freebies and they’ll be only too happy to spread the word. Word of mouth will pump up your profits!

I hope you enjoyed this article about quick tips to make your gym more profitable via branding and marketing strategies.

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