Rose Blumkin Quotes

Rose Blumkin Quotes

Rose Blumkin was a business owner born in Belarus in 1893 that worked until her final days in 1998 in the US. With no education and limited grasp of the English language, Rose Blumkin single-handedly built the massive retail business Nebraska Furniture Mart that she eventually sold for millions to legendary businessman Warren Buffett. Rose Blumkin's rags-to-riches immigrant story during her 105 years of life is an absolute inspiration to everyone and proof of the American Dream. In the process, Rose Blumkin created some memorable and inspiring quotes. 

Here are some motivational quotes from Rose Blumkin on better business and leadership: 

10 Terrific Rose Blumkin Quotes For Entrepreneur Inspiration

1.  "I only had ambition, that’s all."

2.  "Even if you don’t have money, if you try, you could have it."

3. "Everything I made stayed in the business. I never had a vacation, never went any place, never made parties. Accumulated penny by penny."

4. "The more they boycotted me, the harder I worked."

5. "It’s better to have them hate you than to feel sorry for you."

6.  "I want to be my own boss. Nobody’s going to tell me what to do."

7.  "I love the American people – the immigrants who went through a struggle."

8. "Sell cheap and tell the truth, don’t cheat nobody, and don’t take no kickbacks." 

9. "When you start making some dollars they start paying attention."

10.  "If you have the lowest price, they will find you at the bottom of a river."

Thank you Rose Blumkin for the incredible motivational quotations and for your bravery in business! 

I hope you enjoyed this article about Rose Blumkin and her motivational business quotes for immigrants, women, and entrepreneurs around the world.

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