3 Alternatives To Online Marketing For Business

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Online marketing is undoubtedly a highly useful tool for businesses, with PPC and social media marketing at the forefront. However, with all sizes of business making lots of noise on social media; creating a video they want to go “viral’’ and trying to improve their SEO ranking by any means; often online marketing does not provide the expected ROI. 

No one is saying swim against the tide completely, there’s a good reason why companies use online forms of marketing, however with all this clamoring for online exposure and services like PPC becoming more expensive - many companies may miss out on the more traditional forms of marketing which could be a better fit for their company. 

Here are 3 alternative marketing solutions which your company might have forgotten about: 

#1: Loyalty Programs 

With so much choice on different products only a mouse-click away, retaining customers has never been more important. If your company offers a product than expires or can be re-purchased make sure there are incentives to come back to your brand again. 

Loyalty programs, like a membership scheme or bonus gift for renewal, can give customers a reason to keep purchasing your product, whilst also differentiating you from your key competitors by making you look more generous and customer-orientated. 

Repeat sales are the key to generating a successful brand as shown by Starbucks’ 26 % rise in profit in its second quarter fiscal results after it introduced its customer-retention program ‘My Starbucks Rewards.’ This is a great example of how Starbucks has created loyal customers even in such a competitive market as coffee. 

#2 Trade Shows 

Trade shows are useful ways of meeting key industry players and potential new customers. Meeting a customer or supplier face-to-face is a unique way to build long-lasting relationships in sectors that are vital for the longevity of a business, whilst it is also a good way to spy on your competitors to keep up with the current trends! 

Too often though, trade shows are a wasted opportunity. Choosing the wrong staff, not following up leads correctly, or even not updating your roller banners can make a trade show or exhibition a wasted opportunity. 

#3 Create A Brochure With Vital Industry Information 

Do you have some useful industry information which you think people could benefit from? Are you aware of a solution to a common problem people have in your field? If so, designing and printing a helpful, professional-looking brochure is a cost-effective solution to position yourself as an industry expert and gain credibility for your business. 

Handing out these brochures at a trade show or event, or sending them by post can make you stand apart from the rest. Showing that you are a company which can help with difficult problems will make the reader associate your brand’s name with quality and knowledge, making them far more likely to buy from you in the future. 

What’s Your Favorite Offline Marketing Technique? 

Has your business had success with a marketing technique not mentioned here? If so, share it on Twitter @MikeSchiemer #BootstrapBusiness and tell us about why you think your idea was successful!

I hope you enjoyed this article about viable alternatives to online marketing that still get your business real results.

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