6 Reasons Pre-Employment Assessments Are a Good Idea

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Many businesses have added pre-employment skills assessments to their application processes. The test types vary from personality tests to job skills tests and scenario-based questions. Prospects must pass the assessments to advance to the next level and obtain the highly coveted job interview. You may want to consider using such tests in your hiring process if you run a business. There are several reasons it may be a good idea. Here are at least six of them: 

1. Save The Company Money 

One of the main benefits that employers get when they use assessments is that they save money overall. Training people who are not fit for the job can end up costing the company thousands of dollars per person. Finding out if they're fit for the job right away can keep that money circulating inside the establishment. The saved money can go toward better training materials and accommodations for people who are likely to succeed. Your business can always find a use for saved money. Adding assessments today can give you some extra cash to work with in the near future. 

2. Reduce Turnover 

Assessments can probe prospective employees and establish whether they are a good fit for the job, and the job is a good fit for them. Knowing this early can prevent turnover, which inconveniences customers, the employer and other employees who have to fill in for the workers who quit. By using assessments, the employer can sift through the prospects and then hire the ones who prove to be a good match. They can invest in the prospects who are most likely to stay with the establishment for a long time. 

3. Protects The Company From Harm 

Scenario assessments or direct-question assessments can help a prospective employer to determine whether a person is likely to carry himself or herself with integrity on the job. For example, one question may expose how the would-be employee feels about taking things home from work or being late to work and so forth. The answer to that question can tell a lot about the behavior that such a person may exhibit while working for the company. The assessments can be a highly useful tool for preventing things like theft, poor attendance, on-the-job intoxication and the like. The testing can save the businesses from court cases such as personal injury complaints. 

4. Help With Placement 

Assessments can be very helpful in determining which employees belong in what department. The skills- based assessments are the best for retrieving that information. The proper placement of employees can help them to be more productive in their positions after they join the team. They'll be in jobs they can do well and will be happier that they would be if they were in jobs that would not allow them to work in their best light. 

5. Aid The Human Resources Department 

Adding an assessment stage to the hiring process reduces the workload for the human resources team. It can help to soften the workload even if you have dedicated recruiters on the job. The process can eliminate an extra step that your HR team would have had to go through by stopping the application process if the candidates don't pass the assessment. 

6. Strengthen The Culture 

Finally, giving prospects assessments can strengthen the overall culture on the job. Work culture is a huge factor in employee retention. Assessments can ensure that workers are put together with other workers who will grow with them and create a positive atmosphere. Businesses have little control over varying personalities, but they can try to increase the harmonic odds by using tests to weed out certain behaviors. Many more reasons exist as to why using employee assessments is a great idea. Many business owners have already started using the tests and have seen positive results because of them. As a business owner, you can save your establishment a lot of heartache by incorporating the assessments into your hiring process immediately. 

Try it for a few short months and see if it increases productivity, integrity and employee loyalty. It may be one of the wisest and most helpful decisions you ever make for your company. You can always stop using the assessments if they don't appear to be fruitful. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about reasons your company should utilize pre-employment assessments.

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