15 Ways Of Handling Bad Bosses

Ways To Handle Bad Bosses 

In many organizations, you will find the bad bosses in different departments. These bad bosses not only disturb the working environment but also put various negative effects on the employees working under them at your business. But it is always possible that a bad boss might not be a bad boss, it is only the circumstances due to which he is considered bad among the employees. Like if he possesses fewer skills to be a manager, if he fails to provide the correct direction to solve any problem or if he puts too much workload on you to save his own job. Many bosses know that they are bad but many bosses don’t know what others think about them. They are good by nature but the circumstances make them bad. So, here we are going to give you suggestions on how to deal with two bad boss types. 

Dealing With The Unintentional Bad Boss 

If you think that your boss is not bad, only the situations make him bad at times, then follow the below suggestions to work with your unintentional bad boss. 

• First of all, never tell your boss about what you and others think about him. Never tell him that he looks bad at times. Tell him about your needs and what you want from him. How you want him to direct and support you. But never make him feel that you are guiding him, say all these things in a very polite and diplomatic manner. 

• Always try to help your boss whenever he needs any assistance. If he is not asking you, help him on your own. 

• Work with him, not against him and solve the problems by working together. 

• Never say him no to work requests, even when he assigns you a large workload. Always accept it with a smile. 

• Never argue with him on any matter, just give some suggestions. 

• To increase your experience level, ask any of the other managers who you think can help you. Also, you can take assistance from anexperienced and skillful co-worker to help and direct you at the time of needs. 

• If you think that despite all of your efforts, it is hard for you to continue work under your boss and also it is not possible to take help of the co-workers every time,then you can contact the manager of your boss to look into the matter or directly approach the HR department to help you in this regard. You can also ask your co-workers to come with you and talk to the boss’s manager about the situation and problems you all are facing. 

• Take some time to see the impact on your boss. If nothing changes then ask for the transfer to another department or leave the job for greener pastures at another company

Dealing With The Intentional Bad Boss 

If your boss knows that he is bad then here are some suggestions to help you out in dealing with him effectively. 

• It is advisable to speak to your boss about your problems. Always tell him in a very polite manner that what is disturbing you and your work. Sometimes bad bosses work in the favor of the employees. So if your relationship with your boss is constantly affecting, ask him about what he wants from you to improve the relationship. 

• Working with your bad boss is good for you. Always work with him, not against him at any cost. Always help him at the time of needs and to achieve his goals and objectives. In meetings, support your boss in front of the boss’s manager to build the strong relationship between you and him. 

• Predict the future problems and work accordingly before the situation worsens. This action can also help you in correcting the relationship between you and your boss. If any of your action or work is going to explode his brain then prepare yourself first with the explanations along with any good news or any good work of you. Also, if any co-worker is going to mention any problem in the meeting and you are aware of it, tell your boss to prepare himself to face the problem in the meeting in front of the upper management. 

• Praise your boss when he does anything right. Also, if he does anything wrong, help him to identify the problem and correct it.  Never talk against your boss with anyone in your department or in the entire workplace. 

• The same approach, you can implement on your intentional bad boss when nothing works in building a good relationship with him. Ask any skilled co-worker or anyone from the management side to help you out to learn things and to enhance your skills. 

• Also, if you still feel that you are not getting the required assistance and your work is suffering and also your position in the organization is becoming weak, meet your boss’s manager to tell him about your boss’s behavior and what problems you are facing in your job. 

• If nothing works, it is better to search for another job and leave after getting the right one. You have a lot more appeal and leverage if you are seeking a new job but still have a current one.

Take these suggestions into account and your work experience will be more pleasant, along with a brighter future in your career.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to handle a bad boss and improve your employment experience.

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