Why Bigger Is Always Better in Business, Even for Startups

why bigger is better for startup businesses

Bigger is always better in business, that much is for certain. But, that doesn't mean that bigger businesses are always better than the smaller, struggling startup ones. No, startups are just as important, or can be just as important, as the industry leading ones that dominate their markets — but they can only be this important if they embrace the mantra that bigger is better. 

To see how startups can benefit from always trying to go as big as they can with everything that they do, make sure to read on. 

Working En Masse Garners Great Results 

To work en masse is to work in a big group, altogether. And, when working in such a big group or grouping your work together in such a way your startup will benefit greatly. 

First of all, you should know that working in big groups with other, similar businesses in your market will see you garner great results. It will see you garner great results because it will allow you the chance to really get to grips with how the game of business in your market is played and it will provide you with on-tap knowledge in regards to it, meaning your finger never need be off of the pulse. 

Second of all, you should embrace the fact that your employees will benefit greatly from working in bigger groups, rather than in solitary confinement, simply because they will be allowed to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of one another — so don’t be afraid to allow them to mingle during their working day. 

Third of all, you should consider getting all of the work your business does done in one big fell swoop and en masse so that you can tap into all the money, time and effort saving possibilities of doing so; an example of the success of this can be found in this injection molding industry overview where it is detailed that the practice of injection molding returns extremely low costs, low scrap rates and and high amounts of produce produced. Basically, don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to your business’s business practices! 

Offering Big Discounts & Deals To Reward Loyalty Works 

No, this doesn’t mean that you should be putting your business in financial danger in order to pander to customers or keep them happy. This just means that you should not be afraid to offer big discounts and big deals to your loyal customers because doing so will only proceed to make them even more loyal. What’s more, these loyal customers may even spread the news that your business is the one to turn to in your market because of how happy they are with you, and tapping into word-of-mouth advertisement in this way is one of the best and most cheapest forms of marketing. 

Yes, there are many advantages to offering discounts when it comes to your business and its loyal customers, but as previously stated you should not be doing so if doing so is going to have a negative impact on your finances. Yes, you should always exercise caution when offering discounts and should only do so in the right ways: this means that you should take target markets into account at all times, you should increase the perceived value of your products and you should what to mark down and when to mark it down. 

Always showing yourself to be a big personality will make you far more likely to succeed! 

As your business’s owner, it’s down to you to convey the message and theme of your business with every business meeting that you have. And, if you show yourself to have a big personality when conveying this message, you will make your business far more likely to succeed in the custom you are seeking to attract for it. You see, customers like to know that they can trust the business they are paying to do a service for them, and you will deem your business trustworthy if you, yourself, are a big personality that commands whatever conversation and whatever room you enter. 

To see just why personality matters in the workplace, and why yours should be as big as it can be, make sure to head here

Build Bigger Better Businesses

So, as you can see, even if your business is still in its startup stage, going big with everything it does will bring it success and may even help it to beat its rivals. In fact, going big with everything your business does will make itself grow bigger in long run, and that’s only ever going to be a good thing!

I hope you enjoyed this article about why bigger is better in business, even if you're bootstrapping.

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