Unleash Your Creativity: The Basics Of Web Design

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As a business owner, you know the importance of a visible online presence to compete with industry rivals. You need to have a sound content marketing strategy and be able to convey your company message to every potential customer that comes your way. One aspect of this message is exceptional web design. And this doesn’t mean just whipping up a witty GIF onto your website homepage for traffic to snicker at and then move on. 

According to the web design experts, you need a professional online persona, a finely tuned brand, and an ability to show your potential customer base why they should purchase from you. Encapsulating this into web design is tricky. Take a look at the basics that will see you unleashing your creativity and boosting your online presence with a professionally designed website. 

Make It Intuitive 

Half the battle with a website is making it easy for any visitor to use. You don’t want a customer hunting around on your homepage trying to find the FAQs section or trying to find your contact details. It’s vital that you have menus easily accessible on each page. Ideally, they should be in the same spot and remain frozen on the page even when your visitor is scrolling. There’s nothing worse than a customer filling their basket with your products only to have no idea how to get to check out. After less than two minutes of searching, they’ll get frustrated and go elsewhere. 


You don’t need to use every color under the sun to create a website with jazz hands. Think about your logo, it’s color, font and style and use this as the theme of your website. Too many Helvetica, Courier New and Verdana fonts altogether can look chaotic and immature. You want to ooze professionalism. Ideally, your company name should be in your web address. If you’re struggling to find an available domain, you can explore expired ones with DomCop. This tool also gives you tips on how to secure the domain that you want even if it has previously been in use. A catchy and memorable website address is vital to securing that all-important traffic. 

Useful Links 

By using your website not only as a platform from which to sell your products, but also as a source of useful articles, thought pieces and the latest industry news, you’re creating a website that has more than one purpose for your visitors. Link to your company blog and ensure that you post readable and informative content regularly. Do the same for your social media channels. By encouraging web traffic to engage with your company, you’ll be making them feel more confident in you as a business entity, and they’ll be more likely to purchase from you. 


Getting the basics of a website right goes beyond the layout, images and font size that you use. You need to employ sound SEO strategies, use your knowledge of keywording, and understand the motivations of your customer base so that you can cater to their needs. By launching an exceptional website, you are showing off your brand to all corners of the globe and enhancing your online presence.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to unleash your creativity and learn the basics of web design for your business.

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