How To Make Your Business Greener

how to make business more green

It is crucial in life that we try to take steps to be as green as we can. Our planet is a place where every living thing calls home, which is why we need to make sure that we really look after it so that future generations can call it home too. There are some really simple ways you can change your office and home to be greener and better for the environment. 

1. Use PCW Paper 

PCW means post consumer waste. Essential what that means is that someone has used the item beforehand and then it is recycled to be used again. Paper and plastic are great examples of this, you can often find that recycled paper will use less energy to create as well as saving waste from recycling bins. Try your best to find brands which offer 100% recycled paper and plastic for office use. 

2. Use Biodegradable Cleaners 

There are so many types of cleaning product out there which are made up of toxins, chemicals and will harm the environment and be poisonous to aquatic life. By using natural cleaners such as those which contain lemon juice or vinegar are much better for the planet and the will biodegrade without causing harm to the world. 

3. Your Beauty Routine 

It’s not just in the office that you can make a difference to the world. Using organic or PETA verified products will ensure that you supports companies which don’t test on animals. Remember, saving the environment is a beautiful thing!

4. Use LED lights 

Rather than the old halogen lights, try and swap out for LED lights which use much less energy and still give you a bright light for when you are working in the office. Investing in motion sensor lights in the corridors and bathrooms in the building will also help save energy on lighting. 

5. Use Greener Appliances

If you are looking for computers, printers and other appliances for your office, make sure you check the energy rating. Ideally you want the highest rating as this means the machine does more work while using less energy. 

6. Make Changes to your energy providers 

By shopping around for different energy sources such as commercial solar installation you can save a huge amount of money and energy each year. You will also want to make sure that the building is properly insulated to prevent the heat escaping. 

7. Ditch The Car 

Traveling to work and back in your car and getting stuck in traffic make your use lots of fuel and you will in turn be emitting a huge amount of co2 into the atmosphere. By making changes to the way you travel you can stay much greener. Consider carpooling with employees who live nearby, going on public transport, riding Your bike or even walking if you live close to the office. 

8. Recycle Everything 

Make sure that you have recycling stations all over the office to allow people to recycle things easily. And outside of recycling the usual suspects like paper, plastic and glass; you can also recycle other things. Sell old office furniture on eBay, give to charity and recycle your ink cartridges so they can be refilled and used again. If you can't recycle, then upcycle it into something useful!


Mother nature and your bottom line will both thank you for your efforts to go green. It's time to get greener!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make your business more environmentally friendly and efficient.

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