The 3 Benefits of IQ & Personality Tests in Recruitment

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No matter the size of your business, a company can always be improved by adding a cutting-edge and innovative employee. As a recruiter, it’s essential to beat your business rivals by seeking out the best of the available new hires. Especially in contemporary times, recruiters need to take a multi-channel approach to get to know an employee on more than a basic level. 

One of the top ways for any HR representative or recruiter to gauge how a potential employee will perform is to require an IQ or personality test. Since the amount of job applications now seem to outweigh the number of vacant positions, recruiters can use IQ or personality tests to better understand if a candidate is the right fit for the company. Utilizing a free IQ test during the hiring process can be beneficial to an employer for three main reasons. 

1. Makes Interviews Easier 

While interviews often cause job candidates undue amounts of stress, they can also be a demanding process for the HR department. But by requiring an IQ or personality test sometime during the interview process, it can make the entire ordeal run more smoothly. The test results can assist recruiters when deciding which questions to ask. Once recruiters know the candidate a little better after receiving the test results, it will make the actual questioning be less forced and more organic. 

2. Gives Insight Into Skills 

Oftentimes, if there are numerous applicants for one position, it can be challenging to take the time to really get to know each candidate. IQ and personality tests allow for that next-level familiarity with candidates, as the test results will give insight into the characters of all applicants. Also, these tests can hone in on certain skills and talents that may be overlooked or missing from a CV or face-to-face interview. 

3. Lower Turnover 

A final advantage to utilizing IQ and personality tests as a recruiter is a lower turnover rate. Companies that use these tests for new hires usually exhibit lower turnover rates because the new hires fit seamlessly within the company culture. By judging how an individual will fit based on the test results, recruiters can make the transition trouble-free for everyone involved. Knowing the personalities of existing employees, recruits can choose the best candidate who will complement the longstanding characters. 


Therefore, it is a wise move for HR departments to implement the use of IQ and personality tests to the hiring process for the sake of the company culture.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about why IQ and personality tests can be very beneficial during the recruitment process.

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