How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Productive

how to keep employees happy and productive

All managers and entrepreneurs need to work hard to ensure their employees remain happy and productive. There are a lot of things bosses can do to get the best outcomes, and there are some ideas on this page that should point you in the right direction. Just consider the nature of your operation, and be sure to ask your workers for suggestions. When all’s said and done, they are the people best placed to ensure you leave no stone unturned and provide your workforce with everything they need to succeed. For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on people who run officers. However, you can tailor this advice to different business concepts. 

Maintain A Comfortable Temperature 

The first thing you need to do involves ensuring your office is always at a reasonable temperature. That could mean installing some new heating or cooling devices like radiators and air conditioners. You might also think about getting some commercial carpet tile products to create a better layer of insulation than you have at the moment. Ideally, your office should remain at between sixteen and eighteen degrees at all times of the year. If you haven’t installed new heating systems for many years, now is the time to focus on that task. With the holiday season approaching, the temperature is sure to drop soon.

Think About Your Office Layout 

The way in which you design your office layout could play a significant role in boosting productivity. It is essential that your employees have enough space to perform their duties without causing disruptions for other workers. So, take a look at the layout of your office right now and try to identify some potential improvements. Also, the last thing you want is for team members to have to walk around the room to communicate with their colleagues. With that in mind, ensure you place employees together who regularly work on the same projects. You can also install an interoffice live chat system on your computer network. 

Provide A Separate Break Room 

Bosses who expect their workers to eat lunch sitting at their desks will never reach maximum productivity levels. That is because the people eating and drinking will distract other employees in the room. Also, there is a decent chance that someone will spill their coffee and cost you hundreds of dollars in computer repairs. Considering that, do yourself a favor and create a separate room where team members can go to relax for half an hour during their breaks. Add some entertainment options like a TV or a pool table for the best outcomes. That should help your employees to forget about their work for a while and recharge their batteries.

Hold Meetings Once Each Week & Ask For Ideas 

As mentioned at the start of this post; your employees are the people best placed to offer suggestions about office improvements. So, you should think about arranging a weekly meeting where people can voice their ideas and concerns. That might even assist you in creating a better workplace culture. You should also leave some forms around the office that enable people to jot down their issues anonymously. Some workers might not want to speak out in front of their colleagues, and that’s understandable. Just provide them with multiple means of letting you know about the things that slow them down every day. 

Reward Hard Work 

Lastly, you need to get in the habit of rewarding hard work whenever an employee goes above and beyond the call of duty. If nothing else, that will let workers know that it’s in their interests to give their all every single day. That is especially the case if you provide them with financial incentives like monthly bonuses. Bosses who never recognize the efforts made by their workers will develop a bad reputation, and it can take a long time to turn one of those around. Just put some schemes in place to ensure hard work never goes unnoticed, and you should manage to encourage people to go the extra mile. 


All of those suggestions will help you to keep your employees happy and productive this year. Now you just have to set the wheels in motion and start making those changes as soon as possible. For every day you hesitate, it is possible that your company will lose potential profits and under-perform. As all entrepreneurs should understand, you have to speculate to accumulate. 

Investments in an improved office environment are an excellent way to start. Once you have done that; it is time to start working on other improvements that could help to take your operation to the next level.

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