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If you asked any businessman or woman what they desire most this year, the chances are that they are going to respond with “more sales” or “more customers”. Usually, the one factor that comes hand in hand with “more customers” is more traffic to your website, which makes a lot of sense; If more people are viewing your products and services, then you have more opportunities to make sales. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on ways to increase traffic to your website, and here are a few ways for you to do this.

Stay Social 

It doesn’t matter what you put on your website if no one can find your content. One of the easiest ways to get your content out there for the world to see is to promote it on your social media channels. Twitter is a great way to promote your posts to a large audience, and Facebook is great to remind family and friends to check out your content. If you sell products, you could post pictures of new ones to an Instagram account as a way to inform your customers. 

Paid Advertising 

Another great way of advertising your content is by utilizing paid advertising. There is a range of different paid channels, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks, but they are all able to help to build your brand, attract more visitors to your website, and help your website be seen by a large audience. Consider your objectives, and then find an agency that meets these needs, rather than simply going for the cheapest. 

Increase SEO 

It’s always important to optimize your content for search engines, as this will help your website to reach higher on the list of search results. You could even optimize online brochures and catalogs, using a website like InstantFlipbook.com, meaning that the online brochure or catalog will open up on the page that the searcher was looking for, saving them time, and encouraging them to browse more of your products and services. 

Get Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website, especially if you blog for a well-known and reputable blog. As long as your post is compelling, is of high quality, and isn’t too spammy you should find that a lot of its readers will pop over to your blog and check out your content too. 

Invite Guest Bloggers 

As well as writing for other blogs, you can also invite other guest bloggers to write for your website. They are likely to inform their regular readers that they’ve posted on another site, which will bring a lot of readers to your page. While they’re there, they’re likely to have a look at your content, products, and services. 

Write Compelling Headlines 

An irresistible headline is just as significant as the content that you’re putting below it. After all, your post could be absolutely life-changing, but if your headline is boring, too long, or doesn’t properly reflect the content, then no one is going to read it. Visit wordstream.com (created by epic entrepreneur Larry Kim) for some headline writing tips that will bring in plenty of clicks and social shares.

Internal Links 

In order to increase SEO, most focus on linking to other pages and having other pages link back to them. However, when you publish new content, it’s just important to link back to yourself. Linking internally involves linking to another one of your posts or categories, which will increase your SEO. As well as this, it also makes the whole experience easier and more useful to your readers, so traffic will increase.

Mobile Migration 

There was once a time when the internet could only be accessed through a desktop computer, but those days were a long time ago. Nowadays you can access the internet from almost anywhere, across a range of different devices, including small smartphones. In fact, now over 50% of website traffic comes from high end mobile devices! You need to ensure that your website is viewable on these devices, otherwise, you could risk losing traffic due to unresponsive design or a Google penalty. Remember #MobileFirst!

Email Marketing 

While there are plenty of great new marketing methods, be sure that you don’t neglect using the ones that you know can work. Email marketing is one of these powerful methods that have been proven to work, as long as it’s used correctly. Avoid bombarding your customers with emails every single day, and instead only send one when you have an important update. Even if this is only a little successful, it’s sure to bring plenty of traffic. While social media has taken over as the primary marketing tool for many companies, email marketing has still been proven to provide a higher return on investment for most businesses.

Load Quickly 

Have you ever clicked on a website and then gone off it because it was taking too long to load? Of course, you have. Humans are impatient creatures, and when we want something, we don’t want to wait very long to get it. Ensure that all of your pages will load quickly or your bounce rates are sure to rise, and your website traffic is sure to decline. Eliminate excessive ads, install plugins, and compress media to increase your site speed. 

Attend Conventions 

Attending business conventions and conferences are a great way to get your business and products out there, especially if you have your own stall or speak to an audience. This opportunity to mingle and let other businesses know about you will be great exposure for your business, products, and services, which is sure to bring extra traffic to your website. 

Mix It Up 

Unfortunately, no one thing is guaranteed to increase traffic on your website and therefore increase sales, you have to try and test a range of different things at different times and see which methods work for you. While one thing may work, for now, it might not work forever, so it’s important to mix and match. Ensuring that your website is technically optimized, for example, will only increase traffic to an extent, and then you will need to try something else. You should also mix up your content, and ensure that the lengths, themes, and formats vary, to attract different audiences. 

Increasing traffic to your website is an important first step to increasing the number of sales of products and services and your profit. Hopefully, this has motivated you to make online improvements and given you a few ideas as to how to go about driving more high-quality website traffic.

I hope you enjoyed this article about steps needed to increase your website traffic and overall revenue generation online. 

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