Why a Mobile App Is a Must for Businesses

why mobile app necessary for business

If there is one thing you don’t want to miss out on, its the power a mobile app can have to transform your business. In fact, it should be one of the pillars of your marketing strategy. Lots of startups are put off investigating because they fear high development costs and a long process, but that’s simply not the case today. 

From off-the-shelf solutions that can be quickly tailored to suit your business needs and identity to custom versions with special functionality, missing out on having an app means that your business is firmly behind the curve. With most of all web searches now taking place on a mobile device, having an easy solution for your customers is a must-do. Here is why: 

Get Your Brand Seen 

You have spent time, money and effort on creating a brand that represents what your business is about. Why wouldn’t you want that to be front and center, in your customer's pockets? Having an app on their phone is a constant reminder of your company and what you can offer them. And making it easy to repurchase seamlessly means that they are likely to choose you over a competitor just for convenience. 

Put A Smile On Your Customer’s Faces 

Being able to serve customers right on their phones means that providing excellent service is so much easier, especially as a under-resourced small business. They can access what you provide around the clock - and highly skilled mobile app development can also help you channel and process any complaints and queries easily. 

This means that you can deliver better, quicker service and really gain a good reputation. Building in feedback tools for your company mobile app means that satisfied customers can easily share their opinions - and help spread the word about your business to new trade, without you spending on advertising. 

Boost Your Marketing Power 

Most small businesses are reliant on social media channels as the foundation of their marketing plan, and connecting your app to these wider platforms can really make you more visible online. 

Using a site like FourSquare (now the Swarm App) or Facebook pages allows you offer real-time, geolocated deals to customers to drive them down the sales funnel. 

Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn provide a place for content marketing that draws in new customers. Promotions and sales events are easily communicated, and an app enables people to share them right to their own networks - without a penny of marketing money. 

Create More Income 

If you properly invest, an app can create another income stream for your business. You may have a physical store and a website, but an app can remove more barriers to making a sale, at a very low cost. You have to be where your customers want you to be. With a few taps and clicks, you can offer this streamlined functionality to them, while keeping easy track of incoming orders. You can even sell advertising space in the app if it gets especially popular, and look for easy ways to help customers upgrade or add things, all of which they more readily do when the transaction is seamless and served right to their phones. 

Don’t be one of the many small companies who misses out on untapped potential. Drive more sales from your existing audience and reach out to new ones easily instead - you’ll wonder what you ever waited for.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to harness the power in customers' pockets and advertise on mobile devices.

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