3 Options When Your Business Is Stuck In A Rut

options when business in a rut

It happens to the best businesses. Everything seems to be going well, then slowly, business begins to plateau. You’re not doing badly, and you’re certainly not under the threat of bankruptcy, but you’re also not pushing forward at the growth rate that you would prefer. Essentially, you’re stuck in a business rut, and you can’t quite see a way out of it. 

All businesses go through this experience; there is no way a company can be dynamic, advancing, and absolutely aware of their next steps 100 percent of the time. There will always be lag periods, moments when you’re not sure what the future holds. 

A plateau is generally a sign that something needs to change about your business; it might be a big change, an exciting new direction, or small corrections that have the power to make a big difference. Your business is stable, so you’re clearly doing something right-- you just need that push to help you get to the next level. 

Here are three options when you’re not sure how to advance your business

Option 1: Talk To Your Customers 

Your customers are the ones who know what they expect from your business. They have an insight into what you do well, as well as to areas that may require a little improvement. Obtaining their feedback may be able to shine a light on where your next area of progress should be. 

You can ask customers for their feedback in a variety of ways, but the most successful method is by utilizing your mailing list. Send an email offering a discount code or reduced rate for your services to any customer who completes a feedback form. This gives an incentive to the customer to provide the feedback you need, while ensuring you receive responses that you can then analyze and consider. Of course, not all the feedback you receive will be beneficial; but there may also be a gem in there that inspires the ideas you have been hoping for. 

Option 2: Bring In Consultants 

Life as an entrepreneur is tough, but it can be even more difficult if you expect that you should always have the answers. Sometimes, you need an outside perspective to help you find the next phase of your businesses’ life. Specialists in accounting and financial consulting can look through your business, identify areas of strength and weakness, then help you formulate ideas for the future. 

Specialists can look at your business through fresh eyes, helping them to an identify an area, issue, or improvement that you otherwise might have missed. If you want to get out of your rut quickly, then bringing in an extra perspective will be hugely beneficial to you. 

Option 3: Take A Break 

How many days off have you had since you started your business? If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, the answer to this question is probably… not a lot. Most entrepreneurs display workaholic tendencies, which is good for your business turnover, but not quite as good for your creativity. 

Give yourself a few days -- or even weeks -- away from the business to clear your mind. Try not to think about the business at all while you’re on vacation; this is a time for you to relax, and give your innovative mind a chance to rebuild itself. 

By the time you return to your business with fresh eyes and determination, your newly-relaxed mind may be buzzing with ideas and plans once again. 

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Hopefully, the ideas above will help you find a route through your rut and into an exciting business future.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about options to consider when your business is in a rut and you need to push through a plateau.

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