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There is no business growth without developing an effective digital strategy. With the majority of users interacting with companies in the digital sphere on a daily basis — from looking at their websites to checking out their latest social media posts — there is no need to justify the importance of your digital marketing strategy any longer. However, whether you’re a marketing expert or you’re taking your first steps into the complex world of entrepreneurship, it’s never too late for a quick reminder of the 7 top tips that can help you to turn your digital activities into successful and positive business growth. 

If you’re thinking SEO, social media, SMART goals and effective conversion paths, you’re in for a treat, because that’s exactly what this article is about. It’s time to launch your digital business rocket and to aim for the moon!

#1. Quantifiable Growth Hacking 

If you haven’t heard the terms “GROWTH HACKING” at least once in your office, then you probably live under a rock and still conduct your everyday business by sending pigeons and telegrams to your clients. It’s time to wake up. Website, smartphones and user-centered content are not things out of a sci-fi production: They are the realities of contemporary digital strategies in the business world. As a result, more and more businesses are looking for a rare breed of digital experts called the Growth Hacker. Growth hackers are not another buzz-word that people use to refer to online marketers. Growth hacking is the process of focusing solely on growth. But more importantly, the term hacking should act as a hint. A growth hacker does precisely what a cyber hacker does: It’s someone who researches and trials the best solution to hit an objective. 

In the case of cybersecurity, the objective is the theft of your data. When it comes to growth, the objective is a measurable increase in visitors, profits, conversions, etc. At the core of this specific approach, there’s the scientific combination of experiments and measurements. The growth hacker works with quantifiable data in order to define the most effective solution to achieve the business objective. 

#2. Content Is King 

Unless you’ve never used a search engine, you’ve probably heard of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. For the majority of business owners, SEO is a matter of matching the most relevant keywords to their website so that their pages appear in the search engine results. The latest algorithm from Google states that keywords need to be included naturally. In short, when marketers refer to SEO strategies by saying that content is king, what they mean is that the content of your web pages defines your ranking abilities. 

Informative and useful content is naturally part of the deal. But there’s an essential factor that newcomers to SEO forget: You need to create content that addresses customers questions. In other words, let customer queries define your keywords. 

#3. Monitor Your Online Reputation 

While SEO focuses on getting a website to rank better for search terms, there’s a specific branch of online marketing that is concerned with your brand name: ORM. If you’ve never heard about it before, it’s natural to wonder: what is ORM and why does it matter? Online Reputation Management improves your brand’s online profile by increasing mentions and press presence. At the core of a reputation management program, there’s the need to monitor external content about the company — via the creation of positive material, for example, but through branding campaigns too. Indeed, there’s no need ranking for your preferred search terms if your online brand reputation is negative. What are they saying about you? 

#4. Social Media Engagement For The Win 

A social media presence is only valuable if your business can generate social media engagement. Indeed, the ability to share content online needs to be matched by the willingness of your audience to read it. The first objective of social media is to grab attention so that you can sell your product/brand/service. Measuring your followers' engagement as likes, comments, etc. is the best way to measure the actual reach of your message. Engagement means that users are reading your posts, which can, in turn, lead to an increase in conversions. 

#5. Where’s The Emotional Connection? 

Of course, a purchase is an act of reasoned budgeting. However, the desire to commit to purchasing and the confidence in your brand are the results of an emotional bond. If your business is still listing corporate targets and metrics as a way to convince potential clients, then it’s time to move on and embrace the matters of the heart, aka emotional advertising. Customers rely primarily on emotions rather than information to make a brand decision. Consequently, advertisers have built their messages on four basic emotions: happy, sad, angry/disgusted, and afraid/surprised. Android’s Friends Furever clip showed cute and happy animal friends and was one of the most shared ads in the business. Sadness is a fantastic tool to create heartbreaking and compelling ads, such as P&G showing mother’s support for the Sochi Olympic Games 2014. 

#6. Simplified Conversion Paths 

Your conversion path refers to the end-to-end experience that web visitors get of your brand and that is designed to create a purchase. While there are pre-designed template paths, these should not serve as a success formula. As a rule of a thumb, you should keep it short and simple with no unnecessary option. But the creation of the optimal path relies primarily on your understanding of the audience, their needs and their behavior. 

#7. Innovative Presence Going Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 

Every business implements marketing campaigns like video advertising or social media posts. Your best chance to get a competitive edge is to bring innovative campaigns that differentiate your brand. Take a look at IKEA, for instance. A few years ago, they cleverly parodied the newest iPhone announcement to promote their paper catalog, the bookbook. They have proven their love for tech solution with an augmented reality catalog app that helps people make their decisions. And they know how to deliver witty hyper-targeted campaigns for each of their global markets. 

Countdown To Launching Your Digital Marketing

Pack your digital rocket with measurable goals, relevant SEO tactics, necessary brand reputation management, exciting social media, emotional campaigns, simple conversion paths, and a taste for innovative marketing. That’s the only way to fly to the digital moon!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to launch your digital marketing rocket and reach success in the digital space.

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