3 Important Factors Of Better Business

factors of better business

There are many important aspects of business that all you business owners out there need to pay great attention to. But, today, in this article, we’ll be focusing on those important aspects that begin with F. Because, well, why not look at the factors involved in business success? Here's how to build your business right and prove that you give an F:

Financial Modelling 

Financial modelling is the act of creating a fake financial situation that emulates a real-life one, and it is an act that you should be taking as a business owner. It is an act that you should be taking, no matter how much of a waste of time you deem it to be, because it helps you to get to grips with the financial situations you are likely to come across as your business grows. It helps you to gain the confidence needed to face these types of situations and then ultimately beat them. And it helps you to put certain producers and plans into place in order to beat whatever problem you may face. 

Specifically, a financial model is an abstract representation of a situation or problem (mainly mathematical) that you may come across in regards to your business’s financial assets, its financial portfolio, or a certain project or any other type of investment it may make. And it’s important to set up such a model because it allows you to vet each one before they even happen and make arrangements for you successfully beating it or getting the most out of it when it does. 


Factoring is the act of tasking an external company — known as a factor or factoring company — with chasing up any invoices your business is having difficulty collecting. This invoice could be owed to you by a customer. It could be owed by a client. It could be owed by a partner. It could be owed by a source of goods. Or it could even be owed by an employee. Whoever owes you some money, whatever the sum of it, you can hand the invoice over to a factor and they will chase the invoice up for you and pay you the money you are owed (taking a cut of their own for their troubles, as would be expected) 

Doing this when you are struggling to get the money that you are owed back is a no-brainer for a number of reasons. One reason is that it means you don't have to waste your time and efforts in chasing the invoice any longer. Another is that you get the money when you want it, rather than when the person or company that owes you money wants to give it to you. 


The power of keeping and fulfilling promises is massive in the world of business. And it is massive because it does one very important thing: it induces trust. Trust is the linchpin of the world of business and can in fact make or break a business. 

Trust should be forged with your customers. It should be created with your employees. And it should be evident in any deals you do with fellow businesses. And it should be done so because it gets everybody you work with working towards the same goal, the goal of bringing you a sustainable income. So, fulfill any promises that you make, build trust with all you and your business do business with, and see your income be as steady as can be. 

Find Success In Business

When you don’t make use of and swear by the three Fs above you put your business at risk of another F, failure. So, simply protect your business against this risk by doing so!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about the three important F's of business including factoring, financial modeling, and fulfillment. 

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