4 Businesses That Need A Good SEO Strategy

Have you ever wondered what businesses benefit most from a good SEO strategy? Well, I’ve listed four totally different businesses that have the most to gain from search engine optimization:

Online Shops 

These days, the concept of an online shop is extremely common. Consumers have switched their attention to shopping online, leading to a decrease in traditional retail profits. Consequently, when a business only operates online, SEO becomes a crucial part of its marketing plan. The main way people will find an online shop is by searching for whatever products they’re looking for, via Google. Consequently, there’s a battle between online shops to see who can rank highest and be the most visible, gaining more traffic.

Law Firms 

Law firms are a staple of modern society. As long as there are people that need defending and people that need prosecuting, law firms will continue to be a popular business idea. It’s quite a traditional business idea where a core service is offered in exchange for money. But, did you know that a good law firm marketing plan revolves around SEO? It’s true, largely because the majority of people will search for legal advice online, via search engines. Law firms are hardly the most accessible places in the world, it’s hard to just walk in and seek legal advice. Often, they’re tucked away hidden from view, so regular people only find lawyers online. As such, there’s an emphasis on getting that number one ranking spot to try and beat the competition.

Local Contractors 

Traditionally, contractors depending on word of mouth spreading the news about their business. However, this has switched to word of web, as I like to call it. People will now search for a builder or plumber via Google and look through all the local search results and reviews. They choose their contractor based on what the reviews say and how local they are. This means local contractors depend on a good SEO strategy to make themselves noticed and to stand out above their rivals. 

Physical Therapists 

Healthcare businesses, like physical therapist practices, rely heavily on good SEO. This is because they demand clients to make an appointment before visiting. So, you can’t just walk down the street and wander into a physical therapist practice. Normally, you search for one online and choose the best one closest to you. Then, you visit their website to either book online or find their contact info. Without good SEO, it’s hard for physical therapists to find clients. 

These four businesses all seem totally different from one another, but there are a few similarities to draw upon. Except online shops, they operate locally, and they all offer a service. This tells you that SEO is particularly important for any business that offers a core service to a local market. Of course, we can also see that companies operating online will also rely on SEO. 

SEO Like A Pro

If you happen to own a business like any of the ones mentioned, ensure SEO is a major part of your marketing strategy. Or, if you’re planning on starting a service-based, local business/an online company, focus on SEO too!

I hope you enjoyed this article about business models that require a very strong search engine optimization strategy.

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