Website Design Hacks To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

An attractive website is essential, but the attractive looks itself cannot convert visitors into paying customers and get you good sales. There is always room for improvement and enhancement. Here are few conversion hacks that can get you good sales. 

Improve Your Website’s Functionality 

Having a search bar on the site doubles the chances of conversions than the sites which do not have a search bar. What impact does it make on the overall conversions? The visitors using the search function get a clear path to their required service or products. The placement of the search bar and the ease it provides to your users can be used determine a lot of your sales success. 

Features of a Search Bar: 

Make sure to keep your search bar situated at the front of your site to make it visible to your users. 

-  The website designer can use a different color for the search bar to make it visible on the page. 
-  Make sure to provide correct results for the user’s search queries. Using semantic-based search instead of plain text would be the best. 

Update Content On Your Website 

For the website to appear good on the search engines, add new content to your website regularly and fix any links that are broken or display page errors. Search engines rank websites that are regularly updated with new content so keep putting in fresh content. 

Improve And Eliminate The Exit Pages From Your Site

Those pages from which visitors exit your site are known as exit pages. With the help of Google Analytics, you can assess the traffic and sales analytics to identify the flaws on your website to make improvements. Monitor your traffic and their behavior to know who is visiting your site and why are they leaving. Improve such pages to make your users stay on your website. 

Showcase Your Information

Building up your customer’s trust is highly important to you if are running your business online. The customer will only make purchases if he finds you credible enough and the information you provide is authentic. If you add a clear CTA button such as “click here to place your order.” or “Free sign- ups” will let customers quickly take the next step and know what to do next.

Chat Availability 

Live chat is one of the most important aspects of a good customer service. A customer is not more than satisfied than his questions being answered in an instant. Having questions answered strengthens the trust of your users with you and increases conversion rates. 

Include Testimonials

Adding testimonial on your website from your customers is one of the excellent ways to build trust. Moreover, you can showcase your winning awards and other participated events to enhance the credibility of your site to attract more customers to it. 

Split Testing

You never know that sometimes the smallest changes on your site can lead to largest conversion gains. Running an A/B split testing let you compare a variation against changes you have made to check the impact on the overall web traffic and lead acquisition. 

Closing Thoughts On Conversions

The first visit of the customer to your website is meaningful and memorable. It is never too late to make the changes, and the website designers must work hard to retain the customers on the site. Use all the points listed above to improve the performance of your website for getting more conversions. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about website hacks that can help convert visitors into paying customers. 

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