Got Happy Employees? Why Aren't You Using Them?

The link between employee happiness and business success is hard to refute. They have been proven to be more engaged with their work, more productive, and more likely to stay cutting your retention costs. If you have happy employees, however, you can make better use of them. That happiness alone can be of value when it comes to improving the business, improving customer relationships, and raising your hiring standards in the future.

Make Them Your Front Lines 

Customer service and communication are crucial to the success of any business. What is the number one rule of customer service? Happier representatives make happier customers. Consulting with services like KSL Training can offer the expertise, but an invested, well-meaning employee who believes in what they’re saying and the company they’re representing is likely to have much better results than one who doesn’t. Think about putting them in other front-facing roles, as well. If you have a happy, social media savvy employee, then they might be the best person to add a human face to the company and enthusiastically interact with the online community. Fake engagement is becoming easier to spot in online marketing, especially organic, free-flowing forms like conversations through social media. Inject it with some real positivity.

Make Them Your Recruitment Agency 

If you want to scale or you need to replace an employee, then you’re going to have to start recruiting. However, the internet has made potential employees a lot more savvy about the places they’re going to work. They do more research and find out more about company culture and more before they say yes to a job offer. Encouraging your employees to leave not just positive remarks, but honest reviews on the right sites can make you look like a much better employer. Just look at the reviews on Glassdoor for an example of that. Better employers are more competitive employers. That means they’re a lot more likely to get the cream of the crop when it comes to the talent pool currently looking for a new career.

Create A Feedback Loop 

Happy employees are more engaged employees. However, if you’re not giving them the means to engage, not only will you not benefit from that fact but you could risk throwing away said happiness, too. Improve your internal communication to get the kind of insight that allows not only your team to feel respected and part of the team, but that can help you make real improvements to the business as well. As a boss, it’s easy to miss the details that those in individual roles can help you more clearly see. If you open the lines of communication, you’re a lot more likely to get better ideas from all around you. 

Happiness Helps

Happiness in the workplace creates a brand that’s easier to trust and become a fan of. It makes you look like one of the better employees in the market. It can even help you build a better business internally. If you have employees who really love their job and their place of work, then capitalize on it. It’s for the benefit of all.

I hope you enjoyed this article about creating a happy workplace and leveraging your happy employees to help your business.

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