How To Give Your Store A Makeover

how to give retail store makeover

If you've owned the same store for a number of years, it may be losing its curb appeal. The odd letter may be falling off your front door, the floors are becoming worn down and grubby, and you feel like the theme is just too old-fashioned. Redesigning your store may be a huge task to undertake, but it can make a huge difference to the success of your business and gain interest amongst your followers. 


You know the old saying: It's all about Location, Location, Location! If you feel that your current location just isn't up to scratch, it might be worth shopping around for a bigger space in a more visible area. Once you've found the perfect spot, you can begin to negotiate a deal and get things set in motion. It may take a few months for the deal to go through- but during this time you can begin measuring the premises and planning out what you want for the inside and outside of your new store. 


If you decide not to outsource a building firm and instead take on the work yourself, you will need to hire heavy equipment. If you decide to hire multiple pieces of machinery from multiple dealers, a software system will be a helpful addition to your work. It keeps all information on the pieces of machinery and the manufacturer in one place so that you don't misplace any important information and can send for repairs easily. 

Interior Design 

Now that you've got the carcass of your store, you can begin to get creative. Designing your shelving systems, lighting fixtures and the color of the walls can breathe new life into the building and make your store feel brand new. Remember to make sure you keep your color scheme in keeping with your branding to avoid confusion from the consumer. 

Vinyl and Banners 

You may decide that having a title on your store just isn't enough, and you'll want to erect a huge sign at the edge of the road to point people in the right direction; and if not, you can still make an impression. Create beautiful vinyl designs with your branding on and show promotions and offers to the customer. Also, make sure that you add aisle numbers in-store for your shop if required and make sure your opening hours are clearly on display. 

Finishing Touches 

If you feel a touch of artistic flair running through you, you may want to hang some art on the walls and add some plants to the inside of your store for added decoration. Of course, on a practical level, you'll need to invest in tills, baskets and shopping trolleys for your customers. Take to Google or Pinterest and see how other people have decorated their retail stores.

Host An Open Day For Your Retail Store

To really generate interest amongst the neighborhood and make your business feel brand new, you may want to host a special open day for bloggers, influencers, and local residents. Gaining a good review from reputable sources will spread your social presence and be more likely to draw people to your door.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to give your store the makeover it needs to boost curb appeal and sales.

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