How To Keep Your Business Organized With Tech

Keeping an organized office is of paramount importance if you want your business to run smoothly. You need to be able to have everything in order so you can find it when you need to, to know what’s around the corner! It’s not just reduced to physical things though, there are a few useful bits of tech that can help you make your business as organized as possible so you can worry less about trying to find something and worry more about getting the job done! 

Time Travel Testing 

This sounds like something out of a futuristic TV show but it’s not! With any business software, it’s often a very bad idea to change the timings on the software as it effects everyone else and it can cause an absolute disaster, but this is where time travel testing comes in. This software enable you to manipulate what time is displayed on your businesses software, allowing you to see how much time you’re going to have to view a certain task, who is going to have what work to do, the list is endless. It’s good to be able to peer into what’s going on in your company for the next few weeks so you can tell everyone what needs to be done and when, meaning that there is very little confusion and everyone can get on with their jobs. 

Social Media Scheduling 

Social media scheduling can be a marketer's lifesaver. Every good business has an established social media presence. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy, but unlike a lot of others if it’s not done brilliantly then it's going to come back and bite you. Like all big businesses, you’re going to have to use social media in an organized fashion by posting the same information across all of your platforms at once. 

If you purchase a software that allows you to manage all of your platforms from one place like Socialoomph, it means you can spend less time concerning yourself with whether or not all of the social media posts have been done and if they all contain the same information; you can pre-write it all within the software, and give a date and time when it is to be published, giving you one less thing to worry about so you can be more organized. Socialoomph is a very versatile program at a great price but other social scheduling options include HootSuite, Crowdfire,, and many others. 

Business Instant Messaging 

This is one of the best ways to keep a check on everyone and sorting out any queries they might have. If you install a business messaging system it means that everyone can get into contact with each other if needs be, it takes out the need for someone to go wandering around the office looking for someone in a certain department. By having a messaging system that puts everyone’s names and roles clear for everyone to see, you and your employees can quickly get a hold of who they need, staying organized and saving time!

It’s advisable to do all of these things to make sure that your business stays where you want it to, you’ll have the organization to keep everything in order, everyone will be able to get a hold of who they need to, you’ll have your social media posts sorted out weeks in advance and you’ll be able to look at what tasks you’re going to have to do and how long you’ll have to do them for the next few weeks!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to keep your company organized with the right business tech.

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