How To Make A Venue More Attractive And Accessible

how to make retail store more handicap accessible wheelchair entrances

Whether you own a shop and are intending to increase sales or have attractions that require more footfall, making your venue more attractive and accessible is bound to increase interest in your business, which will boost your sales and result in you making a greater profit. So, where to start? Read on for a complete guide of how to increase the footfall in your venue. 


Your venue should be eye catching and stand out from the crowd. If it doesn’t stand apart from every other building nearby, people are unlikely to pay it attention and are likely to take their business to a competitor. You want to avoid this at all costs. 

So, how do you add a little pizzazz to your venue’s exterior? One option that never fails to work is the installment of a custom water fountain or a customized aquarium with saltwater filter. This is a low maintenance feature that creates a captivating show of water fireworks dancing in time with the music. This aesthetically pleasing display will stop people in their tracks and pique their interest in your venue. You should also ensure that your space is well lit at night. Your signage should light up once the sun goes down, alerting everyone to the whereabouts of your venue.


Accessibility is key to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and accommodated for at your venue. Disabled access is an absolute necessity for any business. You need to make sure that there is disabled access both in and around your venue. About one in every twenty people has some form of permanent or temporary disability which makes moving about difficult. Don’t turn these people away! The first steps towards creating access are to conduct a building survey. Identify the parts of your venue that can pose an obstacle to the disabled. The disabled can include wheelchair users and the blind, but remember that there are also individuals who experience breathlessness when walking, need to use a stick or have support when climbing and descending stairs, have partial sight or perhaps are pregnant and simply find getting around a little more difficult. 

Handicap Accessible

Cater to all of these individuals. Wherever there are a small number of stairs, ensure that there is also a ramp. If there are large sets of stairs in your venue, install a lift. You also need to have designated parking for the disabled. 

These parking bays should be closest to the venue and distinguished from other spots with markings and signs. They should also be larger than other parking spaces, allowing people to get in and out of their vehicle comfortably. 

Measure all doors within your venue and ensure that they are wide enough to allow a wheelchair through. You should also avoid revolving doors where possible. If you must have a revolving door, fit a standard door nearby as an alternative entrance or exit. If your venue is family friendly, you should also ensure that there are baby changing facilities on the premises. This won’t cost you much to install: all you need to do is fit a reliable baby changing station in one of the bathrooms. Usually, the disabled bathroom is best, as it will already have extra space, which will allow parents to take prams and buggies into the room with them. 


You want to make your venue accessible and appealing to as many people as possible. This will encourage the maximum footfall possible, which encourages more sales and a greater profit for your company.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about increasing foot traffic to your venue by maximizing curb appeal and handicap accessibility. 

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