How To Create A Professional Facebook Business Page

Facebook has become an essential marketing tool for modern businesses. But how do you ensure that your Facebook page looks like a professional company and not something amateurish? Here are some of the main tips for making your social media page shine. 

Use The Right Images 

Every Facebook page requires a profile and cover photo. These need to be relevant to your business but also good quality. The profile picture usually displays at 170 x 170 pixels on an average PC screen, whilst the cover photo is 820 x 312 pixels. Test the image you’re using to check that it is not to stretched or squished. It can often be worth getting a logo designed to use as your profile photo. There are many graphic design companies that offer cheap logo design. You can also find stock cover photos online, but be careful of choosing something too generic that another company may be using. 

Fill Out Your Profile Completely 

Your Facebook profile needs to contain important details about you and your company – leave it blank and people won’t trust you as an official company, let alone know what you’re business is all about. Make sure that people can find your website here along with your phone number and email address. Your ‘mission’ should be a 155 short character description – make this snappy and tell people exactly what you offer from the bat. Below is space for a ‘description’ in which you can describe your business in much greater detail. Consider using testimonials quotes and links to reviews here too. Image Source 

Gather Likes Organically 

Having lots of followers on your page can make you look bigger and more successful. However, you should avoid buying likes as this can have damaging effects on the effectiveness of your posts (Facebook is also cracking down on such behavior). Instead, invite all your Facebook friends to like your page. Then encourage any co-workers you have to do the same. From here you can start to run focused Facebook ads that will organically gather more followers. Make sure to also share links to your Facebook page in other places such as your website or even on business cards. 

Keep Generating Content 

You don’t want your social media page to look unused. A month without posting anything could make your business look as if it’s no longer running. Whilst you should be therefore posting regularly to keep interest, you also don’t want to be posting rubbish or repeating yourself. There are lots of guides for creating original business content on Facebook. Use these to come up with new ways of connecting with your audience on a daily basis. Remember that not all of your content should be promotional - in fact it’s best to keep 80% non-promotional. This could include business news, motivational tips, advice or even memes related to your business. 

Don’t be afraid to use humor but avoid controversial topics such as politics and religion that could divide your social media audience. While you may gain some followers or engagement, you are just as likely to lose a lot of potential customers!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to create a professional Facebook business page for your company.

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