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Every business relies on the importance of its relationships. From the employees to the clients and the suppliers, everyone is as important as the other. And it's taken for granted that each aspect is self-sustaining, in fact, each investment you make into every department will have a different impact on how your business is perceived both inside and out. The importance of perception means that the notion of identity and image is a very big part of every single aspect. When it comes to developing a business identity, there are many different things that you need to think about. 

The Internal Identity 

From your chain suppliers to your employees, an internal identity communicates many things. Firstly if you're doing your job correctly as a leader, you are communicating to your employees working with a sense of decorum. The importance of defining a work culture that is happy and productive is a very difficult thing to achieve, and this can be done in a few simple ways. One way is to maintain a united front when it comes to the branding, so using a company that can brand a lot of your equipment or create products that have your logo on it such as lanyards, badges, stationery, etc., it's a simple way of adding another layer to your business image. 

The External Image 

For many start-up companies, you may just think of the external image in terms of the marketing and advertising, but this is only one piece of the puzzle. You need to make sure that you and your staff when communicating with clients or customers everybody is communicating the image of the business properly and this goes to reiterate the importance of customer relationships and representing a united front. Because if you are a new business, the image you present at the start is arguably more important than the image of well-established businesses and is the thing that will get you more customers and more clients. This can be done in simple and cheap methods such as online courses for your staff to work on which is a very popular method in the workplace as e-learning has shown, as well as workshopping specific scenarios which adds a more tangible angle to dealing with customers rather than just doing a course which requires little interactivity. 

Your Image 

While you may be the one behind the scenes pulling the ropes, giving the orders the fact is that everything will stem from you as its leader, so you need to make sure that you are presenting the best image that will cascade down the ranks to the lowest employees about conducting business in the proper manner. Being a key influencer in any business means that you need to lead by example, and it's especially prudent now in modern companies that are trying to embed the holistic approach to running a business rather than the approach of barking orders at its staff. Transparency is the key now, and this is something you should take with you when you lead a company, as well as communicating the business image in your marketing and through your employees. 

It's much harder now to keep afloat when you are a fledgling startup, and it's always important to remember that with all the sophisticated marketing techniques and fantastic products you can develop, it will always be your image that precedes you!

I hope you enjoyed this article about changing the perceptions of your company inside and out.

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