Smart Strategies for Boosting Collaboration in Your Company

Some businesses are more complex than others, and leaders are expected to bring together the various employees to boost their workplace collaboration. It’s no easy job; when you have a team of experts in different fields, you’re bound to notice a bit of tribalism between the groups - even if you’re running a small business.

When the tempo in your office is almost feverish in order to stay ahead of the competition, and each employee seems happy in their own bubble, you’ll sometimes feel powerless in boosting the spirit of collaboration. 

The cause 

No matter how complex your company is; a solid and motivating vision is able to boost motivation throughout your entire office. Even though they’re experts of different fields and have various academical backgrounds, they have your company and its vision in common. When you give them a mission to work towards, they’re going to do it together - especially if it is urgent and compelling. 

It’s hard work to get there, but a vision that’s streamlined through your business is bound to become its cornerstone. Make sure they understand the reason for their work and what role they play in achieving the company’s mission - it’s worth the time and effort you invest in it. There are countless lessons you can learn from the best startups out there. 

Communication From The Top Down 

As a leader, you need to set an example for your employees. If you want the various teams in your business to share research and ideas with each other, you’re going to have to start with yourself - and the rest will hopefully follow. 

Instead of sending out mass emails where each one is likely to answer directly to you, think about transitioning to a collaborative tool when you communicate. Your office phones, for example, could be due for an upgrade as many of the newer ones makes communication easier for your teams as well as being more user-friendly. 

Investing in a tool is handy for a number of reasons; you’ll enable and even welcome communication from the bottom up, as well as encouraging them to use the same tool when they communicate with each other. Have a look at this article for the best collaboration software. 

Encourage Friendships 

People who like each other tend to spend more time together - it’s as easy as that. We’re just as awkward around new people as any school kid; foster friendships throughout your company and take the lead in encouraging interaction outside of the office. You can do so much to bring the employees together, and should start right away by planning social activities and outings for your company. 

Friends will share market research with each other, critical feedback, and work towards making each other better. Strangers, on the other hand, will avoid eye contact and smile politely to each other in the break room. Use these ideas to improve the communication in your business and start creating a vision of teamwork.

I hope you enjoyed this article about smart strategies for boosting business collaboration at your company.

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