Is Your Old Website Costing You Sales?

Your website is perhaps the most important part of your business and marketing strategy. After all, if you are an ecommerce business, all sales come from there. Unfortunately, too many businesses are stuck in the past when it comes to their website. They are not fully exploiting the potential of this marketing tool, customer service center, or data mine. If your website is nothing more than a home page with a mission statement and contact phone number, it’s time for a revamp. 

Sales and Customer Service 

With a live chat facility, you can immediately engage browsers of your product pages and answer any queries they have. You can recommend other products, or offer special promotions. This same facility can provide customer service without the need for a phone call or lengthy email waits. Your current customer service or sales team can provide their current excellent service more simply in text form. And yes, there is the option to recruit remote workers. 


Your website can also be used to gather more data and research about your customers. Use survey forms and questionnaires to find out what visitors like or dislike about your website or products. You can even use this for a simplified method of research for product development. This can be essential for a startup. But it is the analytics drawn from your digital marketing campaigns that will provide the fullest picture of who your website visitors are.


Have you checked your website stats today? If not, why not? You’ll be able to collate information about page views and customer journeys. You can also see how long a customer visits your site for. If you have a bad bounce rate, you must make changes immediately. Start with a professional website design company. See if you can make the site more user-friendly, attractive, and better at converting visitors to sales. Now hire an SEO copywriter to provide fresh content to your website at least three times per week. Image source 


Security is everything to your customers, especially if you want them to part with their cash. Check your website has security certificates (an https:// prefix to your URL). Make the payment system simple and clean with maximum SSL. Assure your customers about the use of their data. Make sure all email contacts and payments prompt an auto response email. These confirm you’ve received their details and that they remain secure. 

Social Media 

Your website should feature plenty of fresh content about your products and their use. These should also be auto-posted to your social media pages. You can also add special promotions like discounts here. Flash sales, in particular, can prompt a sudden spike in traffic and sales. By posting these to your Facebook page, you have saved yourself an advertising bill. You’ll also know that anyone viewing them is already a customer or interested in your brand or company. 

When you redesign your website, you have the chance to bring it up to date. You can provide more facilities, more information, and more ways to contact you. Most importantly, you’ll meet customer expectation and buy their trust.

I hope you enjoyed this article about your old fashioned website potentially costing you prospects and sales.

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