How To Win Big In The Sports And Recreation Industry

Most gyms and fitness centers are full of people at all hours of the day. However, if you’re new to the scene, getting your business up and running, especially in a very busy market, can be difficult. If you want to start a profitable sports and recreation facility, being creative with your business practices is critical. 

With a little bit of time and some targeted efforts, you can join the rest of the team in the playing field and stand out from the crowd in the sports and recreation industries. 

Hire trainers who are also responsible for marketing 

One of the most cost effective ways to market your business is to hire staff whose job it is to promote their own services. Personal trainers in gyms are often responsible for recruiting their own clients, not just from the existing gym membership, but also from outside the club. By hiring more staff whose roles require bringing in more people to the facility, you’ll be doubling your marketing efforts. Personal trainers skilled in marketing can even become one of the top attractions of a gym or health club. 

Get Endorsements From Local Celebrities 

In the world of sports and recreation, sports celebrities are the most effective way to promote your business and gain credibility. While you may not be able to get Tiger Woods out to play a round at your mini golf course, there might be some local, or past-their-prime, celebrities who would be willing to try out your fitness equipment or facilities if you give them free access or promise to raise their profile. 

Make Sure You Are Using Quality Equipment 

When it comes to recreation, people typically spare no expense. Therefore, they will expect that their facility providers do the same. Make sure you have the best equipment possible. This is important because every hockey player wants to play knowing the ice rink refrigeration system is going to keep the ice cold and the Zamboni busy. If you have sub-par equipment, your customers will soon find a rink elsewhere. 

Host events for a wide range of audiences 

A wide range of audiences visit recreation facilities – students looking to de-stress, families enjoying their summer, seniors wanting to keep in shape and gym rats pumping iron and pounding protein shakes. You should consider hosting events that give everyone an excuse to come out and see what you have to offer. If you’re a full-service club, that could mean having an open day for families. 

Or ask a local equipment supplier to demo their merchandise at your center. Getting people in the door the first time is the hardest part, but events are always great ways to get people excited about showing up. 

Advertise Your Business At Complementary Locations 

In order to effectively market your business, think about where your target audience might spend their time besides personal training. If you own a tennis court facility, consider that your ideal customers might be people who already attend a fitness facility that might not have courts. Approach these businesses and see if you can advertise your courts in their change rooms. You could consider offering an incentive to the business by agreeing to advertise for them at your site. 


I hope you enjoyed this article about improving your business practices for success. It's time to get your business more fit!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to win big in the sports, recreation, health and fitness industry

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