4 Things To Do When Hiring A Freelancer

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When you run a business, it can be challenging to bring on someone new. If this is your first time expanding on employees within your business, this is especially important. The first step is figuring out that you only need someone working on a freelance basis. Then you’ll need to understand how you should go about finding someone. To make sure you do a thorough job of it, follow these 4 steps for freelancers. 

1) So What Is The Job? 

The first thing you will need to do is map out the role that you need a freelancer to play. Then you can have a look around for freelancers who work on a contractual basis. Try to find someone local; it will be easier to meet up and organize everything! Have a look online at where you can advertise for local jobs going. You also need to figure out what kind of work you will need. Would you like to engage in some rolling work or a couple of one off pieces of work? No two freelancers are the same so this will, no doubt, be a long task! There are also a lot of websites in which freelancers can advertise themselves. These would be a great place to look for a freelance workers! 

2) What Is The Contract Between Us? 

If this is your first time hiring someone, you will need to be aware of the types of contracts you would like to hand out. You need to understand I335, and the meaning of MOO, this will help you understand what your role as an employer is. As well as the freelancer's role in their new position. These do need to be very clear to you both. Without these certain rules, it is going to be harder further along the line if an issue arises. Working out the contracts can be arduous but is so important to do. 

3) How Do I Find The Right Person? 

Having your work outsourced can save your business a lot of money. This only works if you are sure you have the right person. Otherwise, you cost yourself unnecessary money. 

When you are finding the perfect person, have a look at their work and see if they fit in with the work you have for them. Look extensively over their portfolio and look them up online. It is important that your methods will mesh well, especially if it is creative work you need. Employing someone takes a lot of time so don’t rush making sure they are right for you! 

4) Will We Work Well Together? 

Meet with them in person as well, even if you are only looking for remote work. Finding someone is critical because you want to make sure that you get on well too. You will have to work with them quite closely, and you want to ensure you can get on well and bounce ideas off of each other! You will want to be confident that they can bring a lot of ideas to the table and bring new life to your business. It will be a great new start for you!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about things you need to consider when hiring and employee to work on a freelance basis.

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