How To Get Employees Behind New Tech Implementation

You might have a very forward-thinking attitude to the methods and means of the business. New technology is, to you, exciting and obviously beneficial. Whether it’s a new digital coffee machine or a new kind of heart monitoring device. 

But to your employees, that might not quite be the case. Incompatibilities, new demands, a break from the old; a poor implementation of new tech can really spoil any positive impact you’re hoping to make. So, how do you pave that road so it goes smoothly? 

Start The Conversation

You might have ideas of a certain piece of tech that’s going to revolutionize the way the business runs. However, if you just throw it out there without keeping employees in the loop, an unenthusiastic grumble will probably be the best reaction you can hope for. Make sure you actually need the tech you’re thinking about. Talk to your team about it early and talk with them about the problems it could help solve. Remember that you have a perspective different from theirs. What seem like minor obstacles in implementing it to you could ultimately make their work harder. Get their take when choosing tech. It also gets them prepared for that implementation down the line. 

Train, Train, Train 

Training with new tech is essential. They need to know how to operate it, how to report any issues (there will always be issues in a new launch), and security measures they need to follow. But be clear that you have a diverse bunch of people. Some might be wizards at what they do but not very technically literate. You can’t go for a one-size-fits-all training approach. Ask them what kind of training they’re most comfortable with. Some might be fine with a broader presentation aimed at the more tech savvy. Some might require a little one-to-one time. If you have people who pick it up early and are enthusiastic about using it, get them to help train the individuals who need a little more help. 

How Complex Does It Need To Be 

Consider how they’re going to use that tech in their day-to-day work, as well. Beyond implementing the tech, consider user interface design ideas that can simplify the operation of these new tools for your team. For instance, consider any functions that the average employee isn’t going to need to use and strip it down. When faced with a whole series of functions, the average person might be intimidated and be unsure of what to choose. 

Guiding Them In The Right Direction

From the point it’s implemented, it’s all about providing a guiding hand. Make it routine, ensuring that everyone gets the chance to get to grips with it. Reward those who use it well. Use those early adopters as influencers to keep helping those slow to pick it up. Most of all, keep an ear out for feedback. Not only so you can help solve issues. If you get any “wins”, you want to share those with the whole team and celebrate them early, showing that the new implementation really can have a positive change on their working lives. 

Improved Implementation

The biggest step in positive implementation of new technology is, you guessed it, the people using that technology. Fail to get them involved and onboard and that new tech might turn into one of your less wise decisions.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to get your employees behind new technology for improved innovation and productivity.

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